My Worst Fear–Woman Delivers Her Own Baby During Blizzard

delivery-own-babyThis morning, I awoke to terrible contractions that nearly took my breath away. With my due date less than a month away, I was convinced that this might be “it.” I called my doctor to ask what I was supposed to do because my previous labors had started quite differently, so I wanted to know if I needed to go to the hospital. I probably wouldn’t have freaked out as much if it was another day, but today couldn’t be the day that I gave birth to our son.

You see, my husband has had surgery scheduled for today for a very long time. My biggest fear was that he would go into surgery and then I’d go into labor while he was under anesthesia. Then I’d have our baby all alone or wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time. Thankfully the contractions were very irregular and continued to stay that way all day, even through my husbands surgery.

Our fear that birth might not go “as planned” is normal during these last stages of pregnancy, but rarely do those fears actually come true. But for an Indianapolis woman, her birth didn’t go as planned at all.

Mariah Grove began having contractions during the blizzard that hit much of the mid-west this week. She immediately called her mid-wife and her mother, but as the contractions got worse, so did the weather. With the weather too bad for anyone to reach her, Grove did the only thing she could do at the time; delivered her own baby.

It’s hard for me to imagine anyone other than my doctor helping me delivery my baby, but the thought of having to deliver my baby on my own is unimaginable.

Grove, who spoke with The Huffington Post, said that “The toughest part emotionally was just accepting that the baby and I were alone and there was nothing to be done about it.”

Labor brings up so many emotions that are hard to suppress. Being emotional and in pain is hard, especially if you are on your own. Throughout the delivery Grove tried to remain calm and to breathe through the pain. And through that pain she delivered her daughter, Evangeline Beatrix Grove. Both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

There are so many things in life that don’t go as planned. As much as I prepare for the birth of our son, sometimes it’s not always going to happen the way that I want it to. But Grove gives us a good reminder that even in situations that might not be ideal, we need to make the best of it, telling The Huffington Post, “Most importantly, don’t let yourself entertain even one negative thought. Our bodies were made to do this and it’s the most natural thing ever.”

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