Modern Delivery: Woman Gives Birth on NYC Street, Strangers Live-Tweet It

Woman Gives Birth in NYC StreetWe’ve heard of women having babies in cars, cabs, on their way to the hospital, in snowstorms, during hurricanes — you name it. These stories always make for interesting conversation, and I like to think they add pretty awesome biographical info to people’s lives. I mean, how cool is it to say you were born in a hotel lobby?

Well, one lucky (?) little girl is going to have the story of all stories to tell when she gets older.

That’s because her mom gave birth to her right on a New York City street.

Yep. Right on the street. Not even the sidewalk. Smack dab right in an intersection in Manhattan. Next to an overflowing can of trash. Life can only get better from there.

Apparently, the woman left her apartment in labor, and was hoping to catch a cab to the hospital when her little one just couldn’t wait a moment longer. The woman gave birth to her daughter with the help of passersby (who says New Yorkers are rude?), a handful of whom used their scarves — the city is cold in February — to wrap the newborn.

A couple of bystanders decided to snap pictures, like the one here, and post them on Twitter. And it seems this is actually how the story broke.

I wonder how this mom feels about her labor being live-tweeted. But she didn’t have any say in people posting photos — some of her face — or telling her story for her. Personally, I think it’s awesome — but I wasn’t the one who gave birth on a NYC street.

Is this story the epitome of oversharing on social media? Do we have a right to report on other people’s lives without consent? Sure, I’m feeding into it right now. I got consent for the photo.

But what about the woman?

Her face and her story are all over the Internet. What if she’s in protective custody? What if she’s hiding out from an abusive partner? What if she didn’t want this publicity? Did she bring it on herself because she just happened to give birth in the street? Could she have controlled that?

That’s all unlikely. But it is New York — so, really, you never know.

::How would YOU feel if someone took pictures of your public birth?::


Photo Credit: Matt Carroll via Twitter @mattcguard
I found the story on Health.

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