Women Have a Sexier Gait When They're Ovulating

"Like jello on springs!"

A study published in the Elsevier Science Journal reveals that women have a sexier, slower gait when they’re ovulating.

The experiment involved watching women (via spy cam) walk down a long hall way in front of a man. “Near ovulation, it was found that women walked slower and their gait was subjectively rated as sexier. Such behaviors were interpreted as unconscious desires of women near ovulation to reinforce their attractiveness in order to attract more men and to increase their choice of a partner.”

Other studies have showed that women dress to appear sexier when they are fertile. Another found that strippers and lap dancers made more tips when ovulating than at other times in their cycle. Other research shows that a woman’s body odor becomes more attractive for men when they’re most fertile. Amazingly, fingers, ears, and breasts can become more symmetrical during the days right before ovulation! Skin tone can change– one study showed women’s skin lighter during ovulation. Men found photos of women’s faces, taken during ovulation, more attractive than those taken during the luteal phase.

In a fascinating, exhaustive survey of all the scientific literature on sex appeal and fertility, Monica Moore argues that “women use subtle cues and especially nonverbal behaviors to express their interest in a man or for sex.” And she quotes Shakespeare: “There’s a language in her eye, her cheek, her lip; Nay, her foot speaks. Her wanton spirits look out at every joint and motive of her body.” (Troilus and Cressida)

My skin used to break out a lot in my 20s and I hated it for obvious reasons. But over time I started noticing that during the middle of my cycle my skin would be radiant. I basically looked better and felt happier and more attractive about a week + after my period ended. I started a home-made chart of my cycle, not just so I’d know when I’d be getting my period, but so I know when I’d be most “on.”

I recall opening an invitation to a wedding where  knew this guy I really liked would be– I looked at the date and quickly checked my little chart- YES! I’ll be ovulating! I honestly cared more about this, than what I’d wear. I’m about to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary with this very guy. My features must have been very symmetrical that night, and my gait ultra slow and sexy. (BTW, from what I’ve read,  a woman doesn’t marry a man based only on hot, ovulatory impulses alone– she  has to like the dude when she’s in the cranky, luteul, zitty phase too! And the same goes for him.)

What amazes me is that this info about our cycle is just not out there until you’re trying (or “failing”) to get pregnant. Then you go buy that massive book “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” and you’re like NO WAY, there is so much going on here. Why didn’t I know this when I was twenty????!!!!!!

Did you know about what happens to your body and face and mood when you’re ovulating? Did you just figure this out, like I did? Or did you read about it? Or is it all news?

And for fun, here’s Marilyn Monroe’s famous train platform walk from Some Like It Hot, which prompts Jack Lemmon’s character to say,

“Look how she moves, that’s just like jello on springs! I tell you, it’s a whole different sex!”

Indeed it is.




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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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