Woman Mistakes Labor for Hernia Pains

pregnantlady_ultrasoundI just can’t get over the news this week of a Michigan woman who went to the hospital with hernia pains and found out during an ultrasound that she was actually pregnant with a full-term baby girl, according to Yahoo! News. The hernia pains were really early labor pains! The doctors performed an immediate c-section on Linda Ackley and both baby and surprised Mom are doing well.

I know stories like this aren’t completely uncommon. There are now entire realty shows dedicated to this circumstance. But each time I hear another story like this I just think of how much my life changes when I’m pregnant because I experience so many unmistakable symptoms. Even if I got through the first trimester and never felt nauseous, and didn’t notice the subsequent increase in weight , and didn’t worry about my missed period, I don’t see how any woman could ignore the extreme exhaustion caused by pregnancy.

Linda Ackley’s story really makes the rest of us look bad. If she can sail through 40 weeks without a single physical or emotional complaint big enough to send her to the doctor for a check-up, then what the hell is my problem?! I’m pretty sure my husband would suggest I contact my doctor based on my absurd pregnancy mood wings alone, not to mention how I can’t keep my eyes open past 9pm while pregnant.

Can you imagine being pregnant and not knowing it?


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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