Woman Tints Her Eyebrows While Waiting for C-Section


Women have been known to get pretty creative while getting through labor. Some dance. Others use special breathing techniques. Then there are those who finish up their to-do lists, taking multitasking to a whole new level. Mollie, a makeup artist from Australia, fits into the last category.

Mollie decided to take advantage of the time spent waiting for her C-section to take care of a little unfinished business. “… The one thing I forgot to do before coming into the hospital was get my eyebrows tinted. So, ta-da!” she said in a Facebook video. Mollie tinted her eyebrows using a peel-off tint that must be left on for at least two hours. Turns out she had time to spare, as her baby girl wasn’t born until the next day.

While this mama’s way of dealing with pre-delivery jitters may seem a bit unorthodox or even, dare I say it, eyebrow-raising, I say to each her own. There’s nothing worse than staring at the clock while waiting for something as big as a C-section, so why not do something to put yourself at ease? And, how smart was Mollie to get in a little last-minute pampering before the baby poop hit the fan and she had zero time for that sort of thing?

When I was in labor with my youngest daughter, I was texting with my sister right up until go time. My last text to her was literally something like “Hang on. ‘Bout to start pushing. Brb …” It felt a bit odd at the time to be doing something as mundane as texting right when a new little life was about to enter the world, but it put me at ease. Between that and Stevie Wonder on my iPod, I felt calm and ready to welcome my little girl when the time came. If Mollie’s way of achieving that same feeling was by getting her brows all gussied up, more power to her.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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