Wooden Toys for Babies, Infants and Toddlers

Colorful Wooden Stacking ToyThe wooden toys are making a comeback and with good reason. Beautiful, time-honored and easy to find in organic offerings, wooden toys have a classic appeal that is hard to beat. Check out these gorgeous wooden toys and be sure to click through to vendors who are offering them when you find one (or ten) you can’t live without! 

  • Wooden Barrel Rattle 1 of 10
    Wooden Barrel Rattle
    This beautiful wooden rattle is created by Smiling Tree Toys and is created from locally grown walnut. The toy is finished with an organic blend of beeswax and camelina oil (related to flaxseed). So cute and beautifully organic as well!
  • Wooden Hippo Teether 2 of 10
    Wooden Hippo Teether
    Super adorable and useful, chunky wooden hippo teether created by Little Alouette is a gorgeous edition to anyone's organic-finished wood toy collection.
  • Wooden Doll Family 3 of 10
    Wooden Doll Family
    Gorgeous wooden dolls by Oompa Toys are available in an ethnic family which is nice to see. 3+ years recommended age on these.
  • Wooden Peace Symbol 4 of 10
    Wooden Peace Symbol
    Wooden peace symbol teether toys are beautiful and functional - created by Smiling Tree Toys. These are available in maple, cherry and walnut for a variety of color choices.
  • Wooden Pull Toy – A Classic 5 of 10
    Wooden Pull Toy - A Classic
    This stacking pull toy has to be one of the classic and iconic wooden toys for kids. From Wee Organics Homemade Toys because what baby doesn't love a toy with wheels.
  • Square Wooden Rattles 6 of 10
    Square Wooden Rattles
    Intuitive shape is easy for baby's grasp and the wood grain of this rattle teething toy is gorgeous. Another toy from Little Allouette.
  • Colorful Wooden Stacking Toy 7 of 10
    Colorful Wooden Stacking Toy
    Gorgeous and educational cone-shaped stacking toy, this wooden version will outlast the plastic counter parts so readily available at most toy stores today. Find this one through Eco-Time Toys.
  • Wooden Stacking and Imaginative Play 8 of 10
    Wooden Stacking and Imaginative Play
    Encourage learning and imaginative play with this beautiful stacking toy. Available through Nuno Organic.
  • Wooden Triangle Links 9 of 10
    Wooden Triangle Links
    I love linky-loo type toys that interlock and create a manipulative chain. These triangle shaped wooden links are so fun and colorful I'm totally in love. Available from Hazelnut Kids.
  • Wooden Tugboat 10 of 10
    Wooden Tugboat
    Another classic toy revived, the wooden boat with stackable parts seems like a must-have. Another offering from Wee Organics.

Did you grow up with wooden toys as a child? Which are your favorites?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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