The Problem with Working This Late in Pregnancy

i cannot give birth to do list
Another crazy co-worker wrote this on top of my to do list. "I cannot give birth until this list is DONE."

38 weeks pregnant and I am still working. I love my job and it really does keep my mind going and not focused on these crazy weird pregnancy things that happen as labor approaches. While I have cut back my hours that I am actually in the office, the list to accomplish must be finished so that I can have this baby, without stressing anything with my job.

Last week I walked in the office and the first face I saw had her mouth dropped. My co-worker had been in Hawaii for 2 weeks and hadn’t seen me. And apparently, from the looks of her face and a discussion later “I had grown, and dropped.”

Entering my office, I found a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign. You know, just in case I had happened to give birth. I hadn’t, thanks for the reminder guys!

In a meeting, these lovely Braxton Hicks kicked in. You know, those fake contractions where they knock your breath out but aren’t consistent. Not being able to talk, a co-worker freaked out. She walked out of my office, to her desk and returned a minute later.

*ding* My iPhone goes off. I look at it. She had tweeted:

pregnant co-worker
The Tweet in Which My Co-Worker FREAKS Out

I would so love to say that was the end of that, but all day I felt stared at. This was only the beginning.

At least I had a Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic to distract me from the crazy!
At least I had a Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic to distract me from the crazy!

Talking to one of my co-workers on our way out for a Sonic Happy Hour run (Don’t judge, this is the only Happy Hour I enjoy pregnant) – I told her it was just me. I was being overly sensitive and yes, while I have grown in the baby belly region significantly – that my fear of stares were just that. It was my imagination playing tricks on me.


2 minutes later another co-worker called me her way. “Molly, why are you walking all funny?”. My co-worker who was walking with me, looked and smiled.


Then she asked.. “Do you have hemorrhoids?”

Oh NO she DIDN’T. Did she REALLY just ask me if I had hemorrhoids which was causing me to walk funny?

At this point, there was a huddle of us around her desk. I let out the only response I could give.

“No. In fact it’s not hemorrhoids, but a baby. A baby who is around 7lbs who’s head is bopping up and down on my pelvis each time I take a step causing me GREAT pain.”

“Oh. that doesn’t sound good.”

I seriously thought – could she perhaps just be suggesting another question for me to add to my blog post on “Things NOT To Ask a Pregnant Woman“?  Or was she serious.

I was terrified and baffled. People will say the oddest things. Yes, even ask you if you have hemorrhoids.

Bound and determined.. I’ll keep working until this baby arrives. Lord Help ME LAUGH and enjoy this. It’s not everyday you are approached with this type of funny!

How Far Did You Work Into Pregnancy? Did You Have Any Crazy Experiences?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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