A Day In The Life of a Pregnant Preschool Teacher

Before I was pregnant I considered my days to be pretty full and pretty long.  Now that I’m pregnant (and especially now that I’m 39 weeks along!) these long days seem to be even longer!  Being a preschool teacher, on my feet/getting up and down from the ground all day is definitely wearing on me, but I’ve only got until next Wednesday – my due date – and then I can relax (assuming this baby doesn’t come sooner).

But, before I relax I thought I’d share a snapshot of what my day – a day in the life of a pregnant preschool teacher – looks like.

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  • Get dressed 1 of 14
    Get dressed
    This may seem like an easy task, but at 39 weeks pregnant finding something that fits without bursting into an emotional teary mess is quite the feat.
  • Consume daily pregnancy cocktail 2 of 14
    Consume daily pregnancy cocktail
    Prenatal vitamins, liquid iron Floradix and a packet of The iron tastes like pennies.
  • Making lunch 3 of 14
    Making lunch
    I use the word "make" quite loosely. This particular lunch was leftover green curry and an apple for me and a package of peanut butter crackers for my husband. I know. I go all out.
  • Network 4 of 14
    Before leaving the house I post links to my daily Babble posts on my Facebook and Twitter. Nothing like a little shameless self-promotion to start your day off right.
  • Carpool to work 5 of 14
    Carpool to work
    Ride into downtown Portland with my husband. This usually involves listening to sports radio. I'm pretty sure I know more about sports than a lot of men thanks to these informative early morning sessions.
  • Play like a preschooler 6 of 14
    Play like a preschooler
    The first couple of hours of my work day involve playing. Of course we teach through play, but it's a pretty great set-up to get to play with flannel boards and build lego structures while getting paid for it. Much of this involves sitting on the floor, which is usually alright, but I have to say that sitting "criss cross applesauce" with a giant belly is pretty tricky these days.
  • Go to the park 7 of 14
    Go to the park
    Time to get out and get some fresh air. We walk with our class to Waterfront Park on a special walking rope that makes me feel like a mama duck with a gaggle of ducklings. Running, jumping and lots of yelling ensue.
  • Lunchtime! 8 of 14
    Eating family style at teeny tiny tables and sitting on teeny tiny chairs. Chili for the kids and leftover green curry for me.
  • Lunch Break 9 of 14
    Lunch Break
    During my lunch break, I finally get to elevate my swollen elephant feet and do a bit of reading. My reading options for the day were "Lucky" magazine or "Hypnobirthing". "Lucky" won. Hope that doesn't come back to bite me when it's time to birth this baby.
  • Art time 10 of 14
    Art time
    The preschoolers work in the art area making "birthday crowns" and they even made one for Fern's "birth" day. They said that when "she hatches out" of me that we should all yell "SURPRISE!", since it's her birthday and all.
  • Playground 11 of 14
    In my class of 15 four-year-olds, 2/3 of them are boys. When they play, it generally involves a lot of running and yelling. Their favorite playground game of choice is currently "monster" where they take turns running after each other and growling. It's a good thing I don't suffer from pregnancy headaches.
  • Wrapping up the day 12 of 14
    Wrapping up the day
    At the end of the day we're all tired. My work days are 10 hours, which is a long day even when you're not pregnant, but since I am, I'm completely spent, so we spend the end of the day doing quiet activities like reading stories and doing puzzles.
  • Nap. Dinner. TV. 13 of 14
    Nap. Dinner. TV.
    After work, my husband picks me up and we head home. I take an hour-long nap. Then we have sandwiches for dinner. I'm not exactly a culinary artist under normal circumstances, but with my pregnancy fatigue, I've all but given up on making real meals. Sorry husband. Then we eat while watching The History Channel and I blog.
  • Sleep 14 of 14
    I didn't take a photo of this, but you can just imagine me snuggled up in a pregnancy pillow fort that leaves my husband the tiniest sliver of bed to sleep on while he has to listen to my pregnancy induced snoring. I'm sure he's just as excited for the baby to arrive as I am because of this current sleeping situation. I sleep for probably 7 hours (without getting up to pee!) and then wake up to do it all again!

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