"You Are SO Big!"

(That's me, in labor and heading to the hospital with #2)

Every pregnancy I’ve heard those words in some variation. With my first, while heading to my car after walking several blocks, I heard “Wow, she’s huge, is she going to have the baby right now?” Um, no I’ve got another 6 weeks and I just hoofed it with 30 extra lbs. Let’s see you do the same, non-breeder.

With number 2, baby daddy and I were away for the weekend and went out for breakfast. The waiter said “You must have twins in there.” I replied “No, just one boy.” This guy just couldn’t stop there, so he added, “you must be due any day.” Hmm, so I said, “Nope! 7 weeks to go.” He still wasn’t finished with me! And added one more blow, “That must be quite a linebacker then.”  Seriously?!

Do people just spew diarrhea from their mouths when they get around pregnant women?

No one wants to know what size he or she is, especially a pregnant woman who has gained a good chunk of weight and watched her body morph into an inhumane form within a matter of months. Not to mention our sensitive hormone laden brains. Then I had an epiphany…


 People love pregnant women and they want to connect with you because pregnancy is a beautiful, powerful thing. It’s mystifying and amazing how a woman can actually grow another human inside her body. Unfortunately, it often leads people to spew inappropriate comments. Just try to remember that it’s coming from a good place. After all, you are the one who is glowing in all of your baby making powers. Bow down people!

So instead of taking these comments personally or coming back with a not-so-nice retort (You know, something like, “Well is that a 2nd or 3rd trimester beer belly you’ve got?” or “When is your butt baby due?”),  I just brush it off and laugh and try not to think about how the person is probably kicking themselves at this moment over their idiotic comment.  Turn those unpleasant moments into funny stories.

After the waiter made his 3 dodo comments and walked away, I said in a comical tone, “And the hits keep coming.” The man at the next table laughed and told me he overheard the comments and thought it was great that I could make a joke out of it and we all cracked up together.  See, feeling better already!

Or go have a half a glass of wine or split a beer with your hubs. (Unless he is the offender, in this case pour half the bottle out and drink the rest ha!)

As for those belly touchers, let them touch you. Why not? Someday you will be well beyond your baby growing years and longing for the feeling of the round tight belly with those yummy baby movements. Let the grandma’s reminisce about faded time. I wish my own mom lived closer and she could feel the baby kicks, I know she would love it and would most likely make her cry! Then there’s my daughter who is obsessed with the belly. Every night while reading stories in her bed, she pulls up my shirt and rubs my belly and watches her brother-to-be go all kinds of crazy.

This 9 or 10 months is so magical and it’s so short. Just love the fact that people want to connect with you and be part of this amazing cycle. It will be over before you know it! Then there’s a whole new set of comments…

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