You Consumed What While Pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, you could say I was a tad obsessed with reading up on all the things you couldn’t or shouldn’t do. I came across a long list of foods that I should be leery of and was better off to not even consume it. I didn’t want to take any chances. So I said goodbye to my subway cold deli sandwiches, waved sayonara to licking the cookie batter bowl, and I even stopped drinking coffee altogether before I was pregnant to get my body ready for very little to zero caffeine consumption. It was all in the name of having a healthy pregnancy and baby, so I bid farewell and didn’t look back.

As I’m pregnant with my second daughter, I’ve realized how very hypersensitive I was being. How living in fear of foods and drinks was not needed and just added stress. So here I am, sipping on a cup of coffee as I’m writing this post after having a lunch that consisted of a pastrami and provolone cheese sandwich, and daydreaming about the chocolate chip cookies my daughter and I will be making once she’s up from nap, where we take turns licking the spoon. And I thought I’d ask other moms what some of the supposed pregnancy no-no’s they’ve consumed while baking their precious babies. It helps to feel not so alone as a rebel. Here’s what they said (as well as one of mine:)

Cold Lunch Meat 1 of 11
During my first trimester, I ate whatever my body craved during those moments I wasn’t feeling sick. And the number one thing I wanted was a Jimmy John’s sub! I even stopped on my way home from work and had it in the car as a precursor to dinner.

Raw Cookie Dough 2 of 11
"I feel like there has always been so much 'eat this, not that,' through the years and so much changes each decade. What my mom could eat and drink is so much different than what doctors say to eat and drink. I say do what you feel is OK for you and your baby. Also, pretty sure eating raw cookie dough is better than the raw meat I am craving right now." - Monks Mommy @monks_mommy
Wine 3 of 11
"The small glasses of wine were what saved me." - Sara B. of Seattle, WA, mom of one
Papaya 4 of 11
"It's an odd one, but apparently pregnant women aren't supposed to have green papaya. At a certain point in my pregnancy I was dying for some Thai Papaya Salad and gave in." - Amber from Apopka, FL, mom of one
Sushi 5 of 11
"My doctor is a funny dude and this is what he said: 'Eat the sushi if it makes you happy. Be aware of the mercury and stay away from the back alley stuff. Women in other countries eat sushi as their main diet. So go for it! It is way better than some of the other things you can be choosing.'" - NJ from Holyoke, MA, mom to one and one on the way!
Caffeine 6 of 11
"I get migraines, and I read all the caffeine research. Most of us would not survive drinking the amount of caffeine required to get the negative side effects. Caffeine helps my migraines. That's the connection. I need some more, maybe." - Anne-Marie from Connecticut, mom of one

Champagne 7 of 11
"I drank a small glass of champagne. My best friend of 23 years announced her engagement, I was in my second trimester, and I just didn't think it was that much of a danger. I had one other glass of champagne at her wedding 3 weeks before my due date." - Rachael from Riverside, CA, mom of two.

Sand 8 of 11
"So far this pregnancy, I've eaten about a cup of sand. My craving for sand has been insatiable, so believe me when I say that only one cup throughout the last 3 months is really not that much. I only eat about a teaspoon to a tablespoon a day, throughout the day. I just... it's ALL I want! It's all I think about. So I let myself indulge in it a tiny bit here and there." - Jill @babyrabies

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Soft Cheeses 9 of 11
"I've had soft cheese because all cheese sold in the US is supposedly pasteurized, therefore safe." - Nicole R. from Long Island, NY, mom of two
Frozen Yogurt from the Tap 10 of 11
"I ate frozen yogurt, from the tap. Because when I asked my doctor why it was forbidden, she rolled her eyes and said, 'Oh for heaven's sake.' And I really wanted it." - Layla from Atlanta, GA, mom of one.
Ibuprofen 11 of 11
"I've popped small doses of Ibuprofen when I had raging three day headaches." -Laura of Minneapolis,MN, mom of two with one on the way!

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