You Do Not Need That Bra Anymore (Trust Me).

You know the one. No support. Rippled cups from an accidental trip through the dryer. Bow in the middle reduced to a frayed puffball with a pearl dangling from a loose thread.  Little plastic adjuster thingies permanently wedged into diagonal position. Hey, it may be ugly. But it works in a pinch, when your good bras are in the laundry. Or on a Sunday afternoon, when you’re not feeling up to underwire. Right?

Or maybe it’s another breed of lingerie baggage you need to rid yourself of. The impulse purchase at Victoria’s Secret that looked cute under that one dress but digs into your ribcage. The demi-cup bra you meant to be a turn-on but turned out to be a pop-out. The lacy red number you bought to wear on your anniversary, only to discover that your husband thinks red bras are trashy (in a bad way).

I’m not saying you should chuck any of your favorites. But those neglected bras that don’t fit, feel right or do your profile any favors? Say goodbye. Because chances are, your whole boob life is about to change.

Maybe temporarily, maybe permanently. Many women’s breasts return to the same size after pregnancy (or after nursing) but some do not. And even when they are the same size alphanumerically, post pregnancy breasts are often…different. Which means you’ll probably be looking for something different in a bra after you have your baby. Which makes this is a perfect moment for fat trimming, space clearing, feng shui fluffing, nesting-friendly January New Year’s resolution drawer purging joy.

And here’s a way you can do all that and help cure breast cancer, too:

The Athena’s Cup fundraiser. To raise money and awareness for breast cancer research, Athena’s Cup is seeking donations of unwanted bras. They will link the bras together in hopes of breaking the world record: a rope made of 169,000 bras. So far, Athena’s Cup has received around 39,000 bras.  They also ask for  a $5 donation towards breast cancer research. Not a bad way to do something good for others while also doing something good for yourself!

Read more about Athena’s Cup and how you can help.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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