You Know Your Husband is Nesting When…

You know your husband is nesting when...
You know your husband is nesting when…

So yes, I am in FULL nesting mode. Pregnancy is now nearing the end and proof? Tonight, I actually did the laundry – willingly. All 5 loads, folded and hung. That is amazing and I wish I could bottle up this nesting vibe for those lazy tired days that I know will soon be here.

What I find even MORE hilarious than me actually willingly doing laundry is my husband and his newfound ability to nest. Let me state, I love my husband. He is my best friend, head of the household and wonderful father to our children. He’s a geek and can code his heart out. What he isn’t gifted in is the household chores. So this husband nesting this is cracking me up – but I am no WAY complaining!

How do I know my husband is nesting? You make the call, this is all in the last 2 weeks:

I Know My Husband Is Nesting Because…

  • Furniture Donated 1 of 8
    Furniture Donated
    This past weekend, 2 trucks were filled with furniture to donate. This stuff has only been sitting around for a year or so.
  • Stock Piling Coke Zero 2 of 8
    Stock Piling Coke Zero
    I received 3 random texts today about a sale on Coke Zero. I came home to a kitchen island piled with 12 packs and 6 packs of the bottles.
  • Dog Groomer Called… EARLY! 3 of 8
    Dog Groomer Called... EARLY!
    Our TerraPoo and Shit Zhu require regular grooming. It's not time for them to be groomed, but was informed I had no need to worry about them as the groomer was scheduled.
  • Broken Fence – FIXED! 4 of 8
    Broken Fence - FIXED!
    I was also informed that our fence that has been half blown down (a board is keeping holding it up, ghetto style!) was being repaired this week.
  • Closet System Put Together 5 of 8
    Closet System Put Together
    After 7 hours, our daughter has a closet system put together by my non-handy husband!
  • Air Conditioner Serviced 6 of 8
    Air Conditioner Serviced
    With the Texas heat, our air conditioner units require annual cleaning and maintenance. After suggesting for months, apparently today was the day.
  • New Carpet Scheduled For Measurements 7 of 8
    New Carpet Scheduled For Measurements
    We've needed carpet for years. The husband has disagreed until this past weekend. Measurements for the new carpet happen this week. Who is this man and how did I get so lucky?
  • Baby Room and Family Room Painted 8 of 8
    Baby Room and Family Room Painted
    Though we've had oh... 26 weeks to get the baby's room ready, the painter was called and room painted - all in the past week. By my husband, all I had to do was choose colors.

Did Your Husband Nest?

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