Your Baby's Birth Date: Most And Least Common Birthdays

Guess what?  If you go into labor today your baby will join thousands of others who were born on October 5th.  According to several reports on the internet that all point to a survey of 12,576 Americans conducted by Anybirthday.com, today is the most popular birth date.

Can you guess why?

The theory is that it is roughly nine months after New Year’s Day.  You know, when all the drunken sex supposedly occurs?

The least common birthday?  That same survey I previously mentioned says May 22nd worked out to be the least common birthday.  No theories are given as to why that’s the case.

Additionally, today is Wednesday, the second most popular day of the week to give birth right behind Tuesday.  As reported on Parenting.com  “the CDC says the the greatest number of births—13,045—occurred on a Tuesday, with Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, not far behind. This trend held true for both vaginal and Cesarean deliveries, including repeat C-sections. The fewest number of births—8,496 and 7,501—were on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.”


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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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