YOU'RE INVITED! (to my second baby shower?)

It just dawned on me that the majority of my friends have only one child. The baby showers I have attended have been for women who are becoming first-time mothers. So of course EVERYTHING is new… the burp cloths, the bottle systems, the accoutrements and apparatuses to place the baby in… It’s all brand new for them.

But do you have a baby shower when you’re pregnant with your second, third, fourth… ninth baby? Do baby showers apply to all moms regardless of what number kidlet you are popping out?

My mom (I just realized how much I will probably end up writing about my mother on this blog. Don’t worry, she’s fantastic!) and I have joked in the past about how she wants to have an “anniversary shower.”

When I was planning my wedding some 7 + years ago, my mom helped me a great deal when it came to registering for gifts. During that shopping time, my mom would drool over kitchenware and utensils so much that you would think she was shopping in Tiffany & Co.

She jokingly mentioned that she wanted to have an “anniversary shower” some day and “get all new stuff!” At the time, we laughed, but now that I think back on it, I can actually see this happening.

“HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY!!! Enjoy your new china.”

“HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY!!! Enjoy the latest Kitchenaid mixer.”

Not such a bad idea, right? (Told you, my mom is fantastic.)

Does this same wave of thinking apply to those of us who have multiple kids? Do we get to request new stuff? New baby gear? Or is it rude to ask someone to host a shower for you when you already have a TON of baby stuff from your first child? Are you presumptuous for thinking that friends and loved ones will bestow upon you plenty of gift cards for diapers? The latest and greatest breast pump?

Full disclosure: I hate showers. All kinds of showers. Wedding showers. Baby showers. Anything in between. I hate them all. In fact, when my mom hosted a baby shower for me when I was pregnant with Jackson, I insisted that she put “please bring your gift unwrapped for display” on each invitation. There was no way I was going to spend 3 hours opening gifts in front of people while they all got to eat cake.

I can very easily see myself saying “thanks but no thanks” to anyone who offers to host a baby shower for me this go-around. Then again, getting new baby gear could be quite nice… I do have an affinity for strollers… and furniture… and…

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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