"You're So Small!"

Pregnancy is a funny thing. I would hazard a guess that it’s pretty much the only time in the average woman’s life that she actually wants to gain loads of weight in a relatively short time span and develop a huge belly bump.

I don’t know about you, but one of the first thing I thought after peeing on that pregnancy test (besides “OMG! I cannot believe it!”) was, “I cannot wait for the baby to be big enough to have a real baby bump.” 

Recently, I’ve become very paranoid that my nearly 27-week old bump is too small. Why? That’s because people keep telling me I don’t look six months pregnant! I can’t tell you how paranoia-inducing this can be for a pregnant woman, despite the fact that the baby measured on track at my 8-week and 20-week ultrasounds and I’ve gained a healthy amount of weight. Suddenly, I was swarmed by thoughts of, “Is my baby not growing anymore? Is my baby growing too slowly? Is something wrong with my body?”

I know that people mean well – they think that women want to hear they look tiny, even when they are pregnant. And maybe some women would relish being told they are small at six months. I, however, would much rather hear, “You look HUGE! You look like you are going to POP!” because I would take that to mean that I have a big, healthy baby. On the other hand, I would imagine that some women would take terrible offense to these comments.

All in all – I guess the bottom line is that it’s probably unwise to comment on a momma’s size because she could be insulted either way. I hate to be a Sensitive Sally, but it’s true!

Instead of “You’re so small,” here are other things that I would appreciate hearing:

  • “You look beautiful!”
  • “You have a pregnancy glow!”
  • “You and the baby sure look healthy!”
  • “You seem so happy!”
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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