Pregnant Women Gone Wild!

  • Finish Line Frolick 1 of 21
    At nine-and-a-half months pregnant, this mom-to-be looks like a contestant on So You Think
    You Can Dance?
  • Pregnancy Puppetry 2 of 21
    This woman’s talented pregnant tummy even learned to whistle.
  • Beautiful Belly 3 of 21
    And this beautiful belly, nicknamed Maya Elena, learned to dance — all while wearing full makeup
    and earrings.
  • Breakin’ Til Birth 4 of 21
    Okay, these performers are just pretend preggo — but they’re getting down for a great cause.
  • Belly Bus Etiquette 5 of 21
    We support this full-belly assault. If you see a pregnant lady on a bus, give her (and her plus one)
    the seat!
  • Fit and Fertile 6 of 21
    Instead of balls out, these super-fit + fast ladies went belly out at this road race. [Ed note: Check with your doctor to determine what exercise regime is safe for you and your baby.
  • I’ll Have One Of Everything 7 of 21
    This friend of a soon-to-be mom gets a kick out of her cravings. (Hey, pizza’s great and so are brownies, so why not have them together?)
  • Eat, Drink and Be Merry 8 of 21
    This video combines cravings (for chicken noodle soup and orange soda!) and an energetic dance routine complete with backup dancers and, of course, a big belly.
  • Work What Ya Got 9 of 21
    Preggo Halloweens are tough. This woman (and her belly) make the best of it.
  • I’m Pregnant…Hear Me Roar! 10 of 21
    This woman and her husband are having fun while they wait one more day for mommy to be induced. Fast forward to 1:27 to see her impersonate a velociraptor.
  • Belly Tricks 11 of 21
    Hula hooping is fun — but even more so when pregnant.
  • More Burgeoning Belly Fun 12 of 21
    Sometimes it’s the simple moments that are the best, like this little boy and his mom having a major belly laugh.
  • Birth Boogie 13 of 21
    What you do in between contractions? Dance, of course!
  • Expectant Exercising 14 of 21
    This athletic mom does some gymnastic moves to try to induce labor.
  • Pregnancy Push-Ups 15 of 21
    Another strong mama-to-be works up a pre-labor sweat.
  • Hands Off! 16 of 21
    This funny lady shares what pregnant women everywhere think when people forget their
    personal space.
  • Baby Boogie 17 of 21
    This woman's water breaks while she's breaking down some slick dance moves with her — very surprised — hubby.
  • How Does It Look? 18 of 21
    If you ever needed an excuse to splurge on a professional pedicure, being pregnant is one of them.
  • It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black Or White 19 of 21
    As long as you're pregnant, you can do this dance
  • Best Birth Announcement Ever 20 of 21
    Watch what happens when one laboring mom gets fed up with her overzealous camera-man hubby.
  • Pregnant Women Gone Wild! 21 of 21
    Pregnancy Slideshow
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