Zookeeper Documents Her Growing Baby Bump with Adorable Animal-Themed Photo Series

We’ve all seen the “my baby is the size of an apple” comparisons, but nothing quite measures up to the fun Jennifer Dew is having while documenting her growing baby at the zoo she works at.

Dew explained to Babble,

“The fruit size comparison was a little difficult for me to visualize … I found an app that compared the baby to sizes of ‘weird but cute animals’ and they said one week she was the size of a hedgehog. We’ve had hedgehogs at the zoo and I wanted to look up the weight to see if it was accurate (because as fruit vary in size, animals can too).”

Hey, if you’ve got the resources, why not use them? She continued, “I thought why not compare her to the weight of animals we have in our collection so I know it’s accurate.” This idea is so original — and awesome. Baby Dew is going to have the coolest baby book around, that’s for sure.

Naturally, once Baby Dew arrives, she will be residing in an African animal-themed nursery. Dew explained that the room will be “complete with cheetahs and a stuffed red riverhog.” The cheetah is her favorite animal, and the red riverhog is special because she raised one as a baby at the zoo. How cute is she?!

Image source: Jennifer Dew
Image source: Jennifer Dew

Baby Dew will actually be named after Dew’s late grandmother, Gwendolyn, whom she thinks some of her love of animals originally stemmed from. They plan to call the baby “Winnie,” which is so sweet.

Her favorite baby-animal comparison so far? The Bushbaby, of course! Dew noted:

I got to raise her when she was a tiny baby so there is a special connection there. In fact, my husband and I went to Florida for our two-year anniversary and my boss asked if we could stop at a zoo while we were there and bring the baby Bushbaby back with us on the plane.

The Bushbaby may have hijacked our getaway a little but I think we are better prepared now for our human baby. It’s just another species right?”

Of course there’s a difference between a Bushbaby and a human baby, but, after chatting with Dew, she seems very prepared to care for a newborn after all her baby animal experience. She’s been working with these cute creatures for about eight years now.

Dew also admits there will be many visits to the zoo during her maternity leave to photograph little Winnie with her future animal friends “as long as it’s safe for her.” It’s more likely that Winnie’s first animal photos will be with the family’s three dogs, two cats, saddlebred horse, and miniature horse.

As for her husband — he loves the animal photoshoots. Dew said:

He always goes the extra mile to help me, the team, and the creatures I work with. He’s helped raise many baby animals at our house. He loves the creatures also so he liked the photo comparison idea.”

Dew has loved the reaction the Internet has had to these photos. She claims it’s been a fun conversation-starter — and definitely more pleasant to talk about than how she’s feeling. She said, “Now that I’ve started posting the pictures, people are all about asking what animal will she be the size of next week. Just more fun for the already fun time! “

Congratulations to the soon-to-be mama! We can’t wait to see you introduce Winnie to all of her animal friends.

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