Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

  • Hot Dog Costume | Newborn | $23.49 1 of 41
    We saw a few hot dog bunting costumes this year, but this was by far the most unique and well-made, especially with the ketchup and mustard detail. Get it from Gymboree.
  • My Football | Newborn | $25 2 of 41
    Perfect for Halloween, of course, but also for Super Bowl parties! Unlike the other newborn options, this one is hand-made especially for your little one. Get it from Etsy.
  • Caterpillar Bunting | Newborn | $19.99 3 of 41
    What a sweet and cuddly one-piece costume for your little bug! For added warmth, add a white “cocoon” blanket to the ensemble. Get it from Costume Express.
  • Captain America Bunting | Newborn | $26.99 4 of 41
    For superheroes-in-training, this Captain America costume is sure to snag a top prize at any Halloween costume contest. Get it from Halloween Express.
  • My Little Night Owl by Baby Aspen | Newborn | $29.95 5 of 41
    We love the snuggly details on this unique Owl costume, which looks comfy enough for your baby to wear on any day of the week. Get it from Opentip.
  • Monarch Butterfly | Baby | $49.99 6 of 41
    From the embroidered wings to the adorable body suit, this is one of our favorite costumes of the bunch. Get it from Halloween Express.
  • Robot | Baby | $15.75 7 of 41
    The Children’s Place has some great affordable options this year, like this two-piece robot set, perfect for tech-loving parents and kids. Get it from The Children’s Place.
  • Frog | Baby | $49.99 8 of 41
    Those oversized eyes, giant webbed feet and ultra-plush body will make your baby even more squish-able than he or she already is. Get it from Halloween Express.
  • The Donald | Baby | $21.99 9 of 41
    This isn’t exactly a costume, but your baby can wear absolutely anything with this Donald Trump wig and completely steal the show. Get it from Baby Toupee.
  • Peanut | Baby | $19.29 10 of 41
    How hilariously adorable is this peanut costume? Get it from Halloween Express.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba Brobee | Toddler | $39.99 11 of 41
    With Yo Gabba Gabba being the smash-hit that it is, a big, furry Brobee costume is a no-brainer. They also sell DJ Lance and Plex for envious siblings. Get it from Costume Express.
  • Future Golfer | Toddler | $29.99 12 of 41
    Awww! This incredibly heart-warming costume will make golf-loving Daddies proud. Plus, the included golf clubs and bag are useful way past Halloween. Get it from Amazon.
  • Airplane | Toddler | $49 13 of 41
    We love the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween collection this year, which fits babies up through big kids. Can’t you just hear the propeller-imitating vroooooms around the house? Get it from
    Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Garden Gnome | Toddler | $25.99 14 of 41
    The beard! The suspenders! The hat with attached eyebrows! Expect your little guy to hear a chorus of giggles wherever he goes! Get it from Halloween Express.
  • Skunk | Toddler | $49.99 15 of 41
    So stinkin’ cute! We’re especially fond of the oversized tail as he or she waddles down the street. Get it from Halloween Express.
  • Pink Poodle | Toddler | $39.99 16 of 41
    Little kids go nuts for doggies, and we think your little lady will love this feminine poodle costume, complete with furry wrists and ankles. Get it from Costume Express.
  • Princess Leia | Toddler | $21.99 17 of 41
    It’s not just Star Wars fans that will love this precious Princess Leia costume. How can you resist? Get it from
  • Silly Seal | Toddler | $26.99 18 of 41
    Animal costumes are a dime a dozen, but this silly seal is a clever way to stand out among the zoo characters waddling down the sidewalk, the attached ball is too much! Get it from Toys R Us.
  • Flower Garden Gnome | Toddler | $21.99 19 of 41
    Like the boy garden gnome, the girl version is utterly precious. If you have one boy and one girl, pair the two costumes together for a darling, frame-worthy photo-op. Get it from Costume Express.
  • Owl | Toddler | $49 20 of 41
    From the wing-like cape to the carefully stitched details, we adore this owl costume from Pottery Barn Kids. She can even collect her candy in a matching owl bag ($14), which we bet she’ll want to carry around all year long. Get it from Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Wheres Waldo? | Kid | $29.99 21 of 41
    We love this throwback costume that every candy-giving neighbor will remember from his or her own childhood. He’ll definitely be picked out in a crowd, that’s for sure! Get it from Buy Costumes.
  • Secret Spy | Kid | $48 22 of 41
    The coolest incognito costume we’ve ever seen, complete with a trench, fedora, sunglasses and, yes, a mustache. (We’re suckers for any costume with a ‘stache.) Get it from Chasing Fireflies.
  • Mad Hatter | Kid | $34.50 23 of 41
    This is the most elaborate Mad Hatter costume you’ll find this year, inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. You’ll have to buy the hat separately ($14.50), but the attached wig really completes the wild look. Get it from the Disney Store.
  • Musketeer | Kid | $68 24 of 41
    You might want to teach him what a Musketeer is first, but he’ll only hear three things: Cape. Mustache. Sword. Get it from Chasing Fireflies.
  • Toy Story Green Army Man Deluxe Costume | Kid | $51.99 25 of 41
    Sure he could be a Woody or Buzz, but this army man from Toy Story is cool even out of context. Get it from Kohl’s.
  • Avatar Neytiri | Kid | $29.95 26 of 41
    As one of the biggest movies of the year, it’s no surprise that Avatar became a Halloween hit for both boys and girls. We especially love this Neytiri costume, but keep in mind that it only comes with the jumpsuit and apron. However, we found these awesome Avatar ears on Amazon ($9.99) for girls 5 years and up, as well as blue cream makeup for $1.99. Get it from Pure Costumes.
  • Gypsy Child Costume | Kid | $29.99 27 of 41
    Rather than the typical princess or fairy, this gypsy costume is still beautiful and girly. It comes with a white peasant dress, sequined apron and matching headscarf. Get it from Buy Costumes.
  • Renaissance Princess | Kid | $78 28 of 41
    This is the ultimate princess dress for your little lady, without being the typical pink, sparkly number. Regal, dramatic and memorable, she might not want to take it off. Get it from Chasing Fireflies.
  • Best Friends | Kid | $17 29 of 41
    Is your daughter and her BFF brainstorming matching outfits? If so, Old Navy has a solution that we totally would have worn in middle school. Easy, affordable and accessible — what else could you ask for? Get it from Old Navy.
  • Pretty Peacock | Kid | $78 30 of 41
    If she wants to stand apart from other trick-or-treaters, this peacock costume is sure to steal the spotlight. While the incredible Rockette-inspired headpiece is sold separately ($20), we think the costume is elaborate enough on it’s own. Get it from Chasing Fireflies.
  • Animal Cape and Mask | Kid | $34 31 of 41
    If your child isn’t into wearing a huge elaborate costume, we love the creative, well-made capes and masks at Zid Zid Kid. The mask alone is more intricate than some of the store-bought costumes out there, and we can guarantee they’ll look one-of-a-kind. Get it from Zid Zid Kid.
  • Sack O Taters | Handmade | $35 32 of 41
    This handmade costume from Etsy shop TatersMom might be our favorite costume of the year. Bursting with originality and humor, this is an award-winning idea, hands down. Get it from Etsy.
  • Vegetarian Noodle Bowl | Handmade | $60 33 of 41
    This incredibly original costume from Etsy shop Not The Kitchen Sink is made entirely out of felt and Velcro. The designer can even make a noodle hat instead of the headband, if you prefer. Get it from Etsy.
  • E.T. | Handmade | $79 34 of 41
    All we can say is wow. Not only is this E.T. costume impeccably-made, but you can be guaranteed that no one will have a matching costume. Etsy shop A Needle Pulling Thread will only be making one of these incredible costumes (size 6 – 8), so grab it while you can! Get it from Etsy.
  • Lollipop Guild | Handmade | $100 35 of 41
    The Munchkin idea is always fun, but that wig? Hilarious. This costume from Etsy shop Onlyu comes complete with everything a Lollipop Guild member would need: striped tights, elf shoes and, yes, a lollipop. Get it from Etsy.
  • Where the Wild Things Are, Max Suit | Handmade | $90 36 of 41
    If your child is a fan of the book, they’ll adore this extremely comfortable Max costume from Etsy shop Paula And Erika. And because the crown and oversized faux-fur tail are removable, he might want to wear this cuddly suit all year! Get it from Etsy.
  • Mermaid Baby | Handmade | $25 37 of 41
    We’ve never seen a mermaid outfit so intricately crafted as this one from Etsy shop Swampy Sugar Biscuits. You can either get it as a bunting costume for a 3- to 6-month-old or have one custom-made for your older daughter. Get it from Etsy.
  • Strawberry Tutu | Handmade | $32 38 of 41
    She’ll be the prettiest produce in the bunch with this handmade strawberry tutu from Happy Cakes Creation. You can also purchase the stem-like hat ($10) and leg warmers ($8) to complete the look. Get it from Etsy.
  • Little Lion Halloween Tutu Dress | Handmade | $65 39 of 41
    Have you ever seen a more glamorous lion? Your daughter will feel ferocious yet feminine in this handmade costume from Etsy shop Paisley and Posies, and it also comes with animal-print lion ears. Get it from Etsy.
  • 5-Piece Couture Candy Corn Fairy | Handmade | $45 40 of 41
    This is a fantastic price for such a gorgeous handmade costume, which comes with a candy corn tutu, tulle wand, wings, headband and detachable bow. There are only two of these costumes, so hurry over to Etsy shop Punk n Pie Couture to place an order. Get it from Etsy.
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2 | Handmade | $60 41 of 41
    This might be the ultimate costume for twins or best friends, made by Etsy shop Pettiskirt Couture. Both girls will feel girly and beautiful (that skirt is made to be twirled!) while still donning a slightly different dress than her counterpart. Get it from Etsy.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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