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Got a number one or number two situation to tackle? We know diaper changes can be daunting without the right gear. Rest assured, even if you’re facing a complete Huggies blowout, we’ve got you (and your carpet) covered. Here are the best places to wrestle the soiled nappies off and get your baby back in action.

1. Skip Hop Pronto Changer

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

Portable and sleek, the Skip Hop was our favorite small pad. When folded up, the Pronto can be tossed in a diaper bag, slipped over a stroller strap or on worn on your wrist for a quick outing. Handy pockets and pouches keep all the diaper changing gear (clean diapers, backup outfit, etc.) neat and organized. Skip Hop even provides a wipe case that fits perfectly inside the interior zippered pocket. The best feature is the “pronto pillow,” the added padding where your baby can rest her head. The extra wide center (21 1/2″ at widest point) is ideal for keeping a squirming tot from rolling onto your clean sofa.

Available now on Amazon for $29.99.

2. Patemm Round Changing Pad

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

You’ve heard of theater in the round? Well, now you’ve got changing in the round. The mom-invented, 30″ circular Patemm pads give parents and babies a lot of room to work with. We were keen on the 20 pretty prints and colors offered. The practical pad is constructed from lead-free oilcloth with a bit of polyester batting for cushioning; a quick swipe with a wet wipe cleaned this surface after a particularly gross diaper change. While the round mat does fold into a compact carrier, there’s no room to store anything of substance inside the interior pockets.

Available now on Amazon for $69.95.

3. Colgate Antimicrobial & Contoured Changing Pad

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

You can’t go wrong with the classic combo: a contoured changing pad (that screws onto a changing table with hardware) plus a super-soft cover. Colgate makes the best traditional mat around. The pad (33″ x 16.25″ w x 4″ h) incorporates an antimicrobial vinyl material that inhibits the growth of bacteria. To cover the pad, we pick the minky-soft Boppy cover. The well-sized waterproof liner slips on and off the contoured pad with ease for washing. The downside to this arrangement: more laundry.

Changing Pad available now on Amazon for $34.94.

Cover available now on Amazon for 16.95.

4. Ahgoo Baby Plush Pad

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

The award for softest material has to go to Plush Pad. The memory foam core is topped with a cozy material that feels like our favorite stuffed teddy bear. When unfurled, the Plush Pad offers a square 24″ changing surface. Billed as a portable pad, this smallish design does indeed roll up into a tidy cylinder (3″ x 10″). The water repellent pad is ideal for a longer trip or a back-up station at Grandma’s house, but we found it impractically bulky for bare-bones outings.

Available now on Amazon for $24.95.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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