Top 10 Bug Repellents for Kids

1. Repel Natural Insect Repellent Pump Spray | Ages 2 Months and Up

Don’t let bugs cramp your adventurous little kid’s style! This insect repellent works for up to two hours and is infused with natural mosquito deterrents like geranoil (an ingredient extracted from geranium oil) and soybean oil.

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2. Skin so Soft Bug Guard Plus Spf 30 Gentle Breeze Lotion | Ages 6 Months and Up

The clean scent of this classic Avon product brings us back to our own childhood summers. Its latest incarnation combines sunblock, bug repellents, and moisturizers into a single handy product. It’s also pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested, water- and sweat-resistant, and DEET-free.

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3. Burts Bees Herbal Insect Repellent | Ages 6 Months and Up

Its scent is pleasant (albeit serious), and it feels like oil, but if you prefer keeping chemicals away from your kid, this all-natural repellent blends rosemary, citronella, and other oils to fend off flies.

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4. Bullfrog Mosquito Coast SPF 30 | Ages 6 Months and Up

Just a few squirts of this DEET-free, fast-drying spray with SPF 30 will help block burns and bites all day. Another bonus: It’s fragrance-free!

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5. Babyganics Shoo Fly Deet Free Bug Spray | Ages 6 Months and Up

Natural ingredients, like peppermint, soybean, and citronella, work together to ban mosquitoes, gnats, and flies from your baby without DEET or potentially harmful toxins, like parabens (cosmetic preservatives that weakly mimic estrogen) and sulfates (another preservative that can
trigger allergic reactions).

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6. Organic Bio Block Pest Control

This organic water- and sweat-proof repellent lotion claims to rival DEET in shielding your sweeties from mosquitoes and ticks for up to three hours. It even relieves the itch and sting of existing bites — and soothes poison ivy to boot!

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7. Debug Natural Insect Repellent Patch | Ages 6 Months and Up

This unique waterproof patch contains vitamin B1, which deters insects by converting into a pheromone that bugs despise. The more you sweat, the better it works, and it works for up to two days! Plus, it’s even safe for pregnant women.

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8. California Baby Bug Repellant | Ages 1 and Up

This DEET-free formula promises to repel fleas, mosquitoes, ticks, and biting flies with a mere spritz. Plus, it contains herbs that help soothe the itch of bites your kid already has!

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9. Cutter All Family Insect Repellent Pump Spray | Ages 1 and Up

If you’re cool with using a formula with 7% DEET, this classic repellent is a great choice for the entire family. Its 360-degree pump sprays on evenly, it smells pretty good, and it won’t leave you and your kids with that weird oily residue some bug repellents have. Also available
in easy-to-tote wipes!

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10. Natrapel 8-Hours Deet-Free Insect Repellent Wipes | Ages 10 and Up

Just one application of these handy, DEET-free wipes will keep your kids bug bite-free all day.

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