Top 10 Dollhouses for Play

  • Casa Rosa Selecta Dollhouse 1 of 10
    Casa Rosa Selecta Dollhouse
    This sturdy, wooden dollhouse comes with dolls and a bunch of colorful furniture, like a shelf, table, beds, and chairs. No need to spend extra money on all the accessories!
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  • Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Mini Dollhouse 2 of 10
    Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Mini Dollhouse
    Reliable brand Melissa and Doug created a mini dollhouse that opens up for an accessible view of the bedrooms and folds for easy storage and transport. Great for small-space living — plus, the price is hard to beat, considering the house also comes with two wooden dolls and 11
    pieces of furniture!
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  • KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse 3 of 10
    KidKraft Savannah Dollhouse
    This 4-story dollhouse is perfect for multiple children. Each of the six rooms is decorated with wallpaper and filled with fancy furniture, like a canopy bed and a porch swing.
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  • Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse 4 of 10
    Melissa and Doug Victorian Dollhouse
    The charming style of this pink Victorian dollhouse is a classic. A shingled roof, tiled kitchen floor, and towel rack in the bathroom are just a few details that make it special. And there are so many sets of furniture available through Melissa and Doug that you can just keep redecorating it.
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  • Plan Toys Contemporary Dollhouse 5 of 10
    Plan Toys Contemporary Dollhouse
    This dollhouse from the popular modern toys brand Plan Toys takes the cake with its unique curved design. While the house doesn’t come with any furniture, it does include two skylights on the roof and a separate staircase that can be moved to any room.
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  • Emerson House 6 of 10
    Emerson House
    This brand new modern dollhouse with floor-to-ceiling windows and recessed lighting is a mid-century lover's dream mansion. We love that only lead-free and non-toxic paints are used, and the solar panels are another eco-friendly bonus!
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  • The Kaleidoscope House 7 of 10
    The Kaleidoscope House
    The sliding transparent walls on this famous modern dollhouse are each a different color (hence the house’s moniker), and the designer furniture has a contemporary feel. These houses aren't being made anymore and are in such high demand that they're only available on eBay occasionally. (Kinda makes us want one even more!)
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  • Maxim Design By You Dollhouse 8 of 10
    Maxim Design By You Dollhouse
    The cool thing about this wooden dollhouse is that there are nine different ways it can be built. So when your child gets sick of one design, she can easily change it to another (and another,
    and another…).
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  • DIY Ikea Dollhouse Bookcase 9 of 10
    DIY Ikea Dollhouse Bookcase
    We love how this simple Ikea bookcase was transformed into a dollhouse, complete with installed lighting! While the original bookcase used here has been discontinued, Ikea’s Expedit bookcase will work just as well. Plus, when your child grows up, the bookshelf can go back to being just that.
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  • KidKraft Deluxe Garage 10 of 10
    KidKraft Deluxe Garage
    Why should girls have all the fun? Boys will love this 3-story “car house,” which features a car wash, elevator, and even a helipad and helicopter on the roof!
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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