8 Must-Have Apps for Holiday Shopping on a Budget

If we’re being honest, our phones are usually glued to our hands at all times anyways, so why not put them to good use this season? No, we’re not talking about putting another cute picture on Instagram. There are a number of apps that you can download this holiday season to help you stick to your shopping budget (and maybe even save some money!).

Check out these 8 must-have apps for holiday shopping on a budget.

ShopSavvy 1 of 8
Let’s say your kiddo just has to have those A-list sneakers, and, well, that price at the outlet store does look tempting. Scan the shoes’ barcode using ShopSavvy, and the app will tell you if there’s a better deal either online or at another store. We guarantee that after you score your first ShopSavvy deal, you’ll never buy anything the same way again.
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Coupon Sherpa 2 of 8
Planning your shopping (groceries, sundries, etc.) around in-store coupons is a smart strategy — but it also takes time and paper. That’s why we love Coupon Sherpa: It zaps paperless coupons, including many exclusive to the app, right to your phone for a cashier to scan. Food and cosmetics aren’t all this app covers either: We also love the clothing deals.
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Cozi Family Organizer 3 of 8
If you’re like us, you juggle trips between doctor visits, grocery runs, play dates, and school pickups. With Cozi Family Organizer, you can track all your to-dos, shopping lists, and destinations in one app, and because Cozi syncs with your partner’s phone, you can also delegate duties when you need a break.
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GasBuddy 4 of 8
Driving around town running errands usually requires a stop at the filling station, but with GasBuddy, you can help prevent your spending budget from being diverted into your gas tank. This app serves up the best local gas prices in real time, and if you can find and report better deals, you’ll earn points toward a weekly prize giveaway.
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TheFind Catalogue 5 of 8
Exclusively for iPad and Android tablets, this app lets you flip through the same full-color retail catalogs (more than 220 in all) you’d normally receive in the mail, all without wasting a sheet of paper. We love the selections, from J. Crew to The Land of Nod. This is an app we’ll be re-visiting come holiday time.
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Amazon Mobile 6 of 8
If you’re the type to ask yourself, “I wonder what this costs on Amazon?” while shopping in real-world retail stores, the Amazon Mobile app is happy to answer. Just scan an item to see its price and user reviews on Amazon. If it’s less expensive and you don’t mind waiting a few days for shipping, you can buy right from your phone.
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RedLaser 7 of 8
We admit it: We’re totally addicted to RedLaser. With this simple barcode-scanning app on our phone, you can compare online and offline prices from thousands of retailers, find library books, look up food nutrition facts, and more! And, in the odd event the scanner doesn’t recognize an item, you can also search by keyword.
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Shopping by TheFind 8 of 8
Like other price-comparison apps, Shopping by TheFind lets you scan barcodes to locate best prices for the clothes, school supplies, and other items on your list. Where it bests the competition, however, is in the ability to set up alerts for best-minimum-price deals — sort of like, but for everyday stuff.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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