Top 9 Sippy Cups


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Kids can be pretty rough on their sippy cups. From spills to being thrown across the room, a durable sippy cup is an essential for parents. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cup choices for the little ones in our lives.

Check out our top picks:

1. Kid Basix Safe Sippy


Made from high quality, leach-proof stainless steel, this is one sippy that may outlast your kid’s need for it. The Safe Sippy can be used with the included straw or as a sippy cup by inserting only the silicone valve. With removable handles, the 11-oz. container is covered with soft, nubby rubber for grip and protection and comes with a travel cap to protect the spout. This cup has survived dozens of tosses from the stroller to cement with nary a scratch.

Available now on Amazon for $13.83

2. Contigo Autoseal Kids

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 1.56.28 PM

This is THE sippy for older kids. It looks cool, keeps drinks cool, and is absolutely leakproof when the vacuum-sealed valve is closed. When kids push the button on the back, liquid flows freely until the button is released. The insulated design keeps drinks cold on a hot day, and the smart, simple design is hip enough for kids who aren’t quite old enough for a water bottle, but too grown up for a traditional sippy cup. The 12-oz. capacity is also a bonus for thirsty kids as well.

Available now on Amazon for $17.99

3. Thermos Foogo Stainless Steel Insulated Cups and Bottles


Stainless-steel insulated bottles can keep drinks cold for HOURS in the hot sun, which can be a very welcome relief for parents and children alike. The Thermos Foogo is available in a 7-oz. hard silicone spout sippy cup with handles or a 10-oz. vacuum-insulated straw top bottle with a snap-open lid for older kids.

Available now on Amazon for $14.87

4. Zoli Baby Bot


Most sippers have a hard straw that stays put, which makes it hard for a baby to get the last little bit of liquid from their cup. The Zoli Baby Bot sippy cup has a weighted steel ball at the end of its flexible straw that “follows” your child’s drink down to the very last drop. With a built-in lid that protects the straw from debris and leaking when not in use, the Zoli Baby Bot is one well-designed cup with thirsty kids in mind.

Available now on Amazon for $12

5. The First Years Spill-Proof Insulated Cup

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.44.18 PM

The great thing about The First Years Smart Sipper is that there are absolutely no extra parts. Silicone-covered vents in the actual lid allow kids to drink easily while cutting down on spills. This one will still leak if left inverted, but for the convenience of no extra valves, stems, or straws, it’s a balanced trade-off. This sipper is also insulated and has a see through bottom so parents know what’s in it.

Available now on Amazon for $13.92

6. Nuk Learner Cup

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.47.08 PM

Training cups with silicone spouts can make transitioning from bottle to sippy much easier than switching straight to hard-spouted cups. The Nuk’s silicone spout is gentle on a baby’s mouth and won’t cause extra tears if accidentally bumped into sore gums. Chubby silicone handles are easy for baby to grasp, and the short design makes it less prone to tipping over at the dinner table.

Available now on Amazon for $6.91

7. Tilty Cup

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.01.11 PM

The Tilty Cup solves the problem of baby not being able to get those last few drops of their drink out; it’s the shape and size of a regular cup, but with a slanted interior that keeps drinks at an angle toward baby she drinks. This angle negates the need for your baby to throw her head back to drink, which makes transitioning to a real cup that much easier. Slow-flow and faster-flow smoothie lids are also available for purchase separately.

Available now on Amazon for $5.91

8. Gerbers Graduate Nuk Ultimate Cup

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.09.16 PM

This cup is a family favorite as it can withstand the beatings of older kids and the torture of younger babies who tend to toss them from their high chair or stroller — without losing the cup’s valve or cracking their insulated bodies. With an indent on the top to fit little noses, the Nuk Ultimate Cup is great for babies through older toddlers with its simple design and sturdy construction.

Available now on Amazon for $12

9. Munchkin Click Lock Insulated Sippy

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.11.35 PM

This fantastic cup has been updated with a click-lock lid that assures parents with an audible “click” that the lid is on tightly and properly. Munchkin is so confident in their new lids that they offer a 100% replacement guarantee if you experience any dribbles or drips. While the 9-oz. insulated cups are only available with character decorations, they have held up to hundreds of meals and thousands of bangings, tossings, and throwings at the hands of toddlers. If that isn’t a testament to a sturdy sippy, we’re not sure what is.

Available now on Amazon for $7.98

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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