Babble Reviews the Best Thermometers for Kids and Family

When your little one is sick, the last thing they want to do it get poked and probed while you figure out if they’re just trying to skip school or need a trip to the ER. But never fear – gone are the days of having to hold a mercury-filled thermometer in your kid’s mouth, armpit or certain other locations for

five minutes to get a temperature reading. Our five favorite new-fangled thermometers earn a big germy thumbs up for their ease of use and versatility.

  • safety1st-family-thermometer.jpg

    Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer – $39.99

    Safety 1st wins top honors from us for their Complete Family Thermometer. Compactly packaged, this all-purpose thermometer comes with three tips – oral, underarm and rectal – which are conveniently stored in a compartment on the back on the device. Plug in the tip that you need and the base automatically recognizes which tip you’re using, highlighting that body part on the screen so you don’t inadvertently put the armpit tip in your mouth or other undesirable combinations. In addition to the temperature reading, the large backlit screen includes the current time, battery life, a display of the last reading and a “clean me!” reminder that flashes when you’re finished. But our favorite feature has to be the reminder chart on the back that displays the normal range of temperatures for oral, rectal and underarm and also what counts as a fever – something that we’re always forgetting in the hear of the moment. And if you’re doing this in the dark and can’t read the chart, there is a “fever bar” on the front that lights up if your child’s temperature reaches above the threshold for the method you are using. Ideal for infants, toddlers and adults, the Complete Family thermometer truly lives up to its name.

  • thermofocus-no-contact-thermometer.jpg

    ThermoFocus 5-in-1 Non-Contact Thermometer – $69.99

    Forget wrestling, bribing or begging in hopes of holding that thermometer in place for 10 seconds or even 5 seconds. With the ThermoFocus thermometer by KidzMed, you can get a 1-second contact-free temperature reading. Using infrared technology, the ThermoFocus quickly and easily scans your child’s forehead with the press of the face button or reads the temperature of the room, food or bath water with the press of the house button – a feature that was surprisingly useful. The built-in cover keeps you from having to keep track of one more thing and the contact-free temperature reading keeps the thermometer hygienic. The display screen isn’t backlit so nighttime readings might not be as easy, but the no-contact method means that naptime and midnight temperature readings are even possible – not true with many other thermometers that require some type of insertion. For easy use and versatility, KidzMed ThermoFocus thermometer fits the bill. Visit their website for lots of information, features and clinical test results on accuracy.

  • exergen-temporal-artery-thermometer.jpg

    Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer – $39.49

    Long name, simple thermometer. The Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer can be summed up in three words – compact, quick and hygienic. Here’s how it works: press the silver ion antimicrobial head to the center of the child’s forehead, press the sole button and slide the thermometer across the forehead, release the button and remove from forehead. Surprisingly, this takes some coordination and practice to not press or release the button too soon. But once you get the hand of it, this thing is easy street. Simple, quick and efficient? We’re sold. Click here for a $5 rebate.

  • apex-temp-quik-forehead-strip-thermomete

    Apex Temp-Quik Forehead Strip Thermometer 3-pack – $14.69

    Precise accuracy aside, sometimes when you’re traveling or out and about, you just need to know if your kid has a fever. You don’t need to know if it’s 100.2° or 100.8°, but you do want to make sure that it’s not 105. Ideal for stashing in your purse, glove compartment or suitcase, pick up a three-pack of Apex Temp-Quik Forehead Strips. With five segments ranging from 95° to 104°, to use just hold the strip to your child’s forehead for 15 seconds and watch the colors appear. Unbreakable and reusable, be prepared to meet any fever – wherever it may occur. Also available in singles.

  • clinical-medical-infrared-4-in-1-thermom

    Clinical Medical Infrared 4-in-1 Digital Infrared Thermometer – $17.99

    The Clinical Medical Infrared 4-in-1 Digital Infrared Thermometer by Octive Tech offers good versatility for the price. You can obtain temperature readings on the forehead or in the ear in under three seconds, though we had some trouble getting consistent readings from the ear. The infrared technology means that the thermometer is non-contact and doesn’t require disposable probe covers to keep it sanitary. One button takes the temperature and an easy-to-read oval screen displays the results. The thermometer also beeps and flashes “Fever” on the screen when the temperature registers above 100.4°F – a feature we weren’t thrilled about, since 100.4°F isn’t always reason to worry. The Octive Tech thermometer also takes the ambient temperature of the room, has a built-in clock and is overall easy and versatile enough to satisfy us.

Article Posted 9 years Ago

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