July 4th Activities

  • Make the day POP! 1 of 20
    Make the day POP!
    You can make it rain our country’s colors with these fun confetti launchers.

    Make confetti launchers»
  • Lead a bike parade 2 of 20
    Lead a bike parade
    Too far from an actual parade? Bring the celebration to your neighborhood by decking the kids’ bikes out in patriotic rosettes and pinwheels.

    Make patriotic rosettes and pinwheels»
  • Blow up big balloons 3 of 20
    Blow up big balloons
    We love the impact these big, white balloons make. If you hang them upside-down, there’s no need to rent a helium tank, either.

    More decorating tips for your 4th of July party»
  • Make your own fireworks 4 of 20
    Make your own fireworks
    These homemade poppers are super-easy to put together, and the kids will love picking out the treats to stuff inside them!

    Make poppers»
  • Put together pretty pinwheels 5 of 20
    Put together pretty pinwheels
    This gorgeous craft is a great addition to any basket, bike, or place setting. Wait for a gust of wind to watch it spin!

    Make these pinwheels»
  • Make a Fourth of July necklace 6 of 20
    Make a Fourth of July necklace
    Reuse old red, white, and blue colored pencils to make a playful necklace Uncle Sam would be proud of.

    Make a rainbow crayon necklace»
  • Make star pendants 7 of 20
    Make star pendants
    Kids can decorate these shiny stars however they want and wear them proudly around their necks — or give 'em away for aunts and uncles to wear instead ...

    Make a star pendant»
  • Be a number-one fan … of the USA 8 of 20
    Be a number-one fan ... of the USA
    These fans could serve as patriotic party favors — or low-budget air-conditioning!

    Make a patriotic fan»
  • Become a word nerd 9 of 20
    Become a word nerd
    How many points for F-R-E-E-D-O-M? Build your family’s vocab with this sweet DIY outdoor Scrabble set — only words relating to Independence Day allowed!

    Make an outdoor Scrabble set»
  • Make sparkly skewers 10 of 20
    Make sparkly skewers
    Use these fun skewers as drink stirrers, sparklers that won’t die out, 4th of July wands ... the possibilities are endless.

    Make sparkly skewers»
  • Make friendship bracelets 11 of 20
    Make friendship bracelets
    Send your kids — and yourself — to summer camp for a few hours with this classic craft. Use red, white, and blue string to celebrate the Fourth.

    Make friendship bracelets»
  • Make firework flip-flops 12 of 20
    Make firework flip-flops
    Even feet can get into the 4th of July spirit with these attention-grabbing flip-flops, which are simple enough for even little ones to make.

    Make firework flip-flops»
  • Throw a block party! 13 of 20
    Throw a block party!
    Get all your neighbors in the mood for sparklers and barbecue with a group party and go all out
    on the decorations!

    Throw a party»
  • Take a whack 14 of 20
    Take a whack
    Piñatas are automatic party fun. Make this DIY version fit your 4th of July fête by using red, white, and blue tissue paper.

    Make a piñata»
  • Hang some pennants 15 of 20
    Hang some pennants
    This beautiful idea for decorating was originally from a tractor-themed birthday party, but we’re digging the all-American color scheme for the Fourth.

    Make these pennants»
  • Decorate your front door 16 of 20
    Decorate your front door
    Put the holiday front and center in your home with this ribbon flag, an easy and adorable craft to make with kids.

    Make a ribbon flag»
  • Deck out your deck 17 of 20
    Deck out your deck
    No one will forget what holiday we’re celebrating with some red, white, and blue bunting running around your patio.

    Get the bunting»
  • Make starred and striped foods 18 of 20
    Make starred and striped foods
    Uncle Sam would want you to make these recipes. Maybe not, but your kids will definitely enjoy making these red, white, and blue foods with you.

    Get recipes»
  • Let your toddler fire up the grill 19 of 20
    Let your toddler fire up the grill
    Get the whole family in the barbecue mood by making this super-easy toy grill for the kids. The family that grills together ...

    Make a toy grill»
  • Whip up some edible flag favors 20 of 20
    Whip up some edible flag favors
    Who knew stars and stripes could look so tasty? These candy bags are a simple — and yummy — way to make some festive party favors.

    Make edible flag favors»
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