12 Classic Family Games

  • 12 Classic Family Games 1 of 13
    Remember the days when you sat around a board game with your friends or family? Thanks to Nintendo DS, XBox, Wii, and the iPad, some kids can barely grasp the concept of sitting criss-cross applesauce around a rectangular piece of cardboard and rolling dice. It's time to show those gadgets who's boss! Here are 12 old-school games we want to bring back.
  • Candy Land | 3-6 years 2 of 13
    This timeless first game teaches color recognition and matching while introducing the concept of good sportsmanship. And it looks yummy too!
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  • Chutes and Ladders | 3-7 years 3 of 13
    Chutes and Ladders is a classic pre-school game of chance that drives home basic counting skills. Will you cruise up to 84 with ease or chute back to 24?
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  • Hungry Hungry Hippos | 4-8 years 4 of 13
    Sweetie Potamus, Veggie Potamus, Picky Potamus, and Bottomless Potamus have insatiable appetites that preschoolers and young, school-aged kids have long found entertaining.
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  • Trouble | 5-12 years 5 of 13
    Trouble is simply a fun romp around the board. And who could ever resist that nifty, built-in
    Pop-O-Matic gizmo?
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  • Sorry! | 6-9 years 6 of 13
    This race around the game board will help teach your kids that getting sent back to “Start” is sometimes a part of life. (It might also teach them to apologize.)
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  • Twister | 6-11 years 7 of 13
    Right foot blue! Left hand red! As it did for our generation, this game will have your whole family twisted and in hysterics. Just make sure you stretch beforehand.
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  • Operation | 6-12 years 8 of 13
    If you’re already pumping your little Doogie Howser’s 529 for med school, sharpen his or her fine motor skills with the challenge of removing a funny bone or a spare rib! It’s never too early to practice those steady hands ...
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  • Connect 4 | 7-14 years 9 of 13
    Who’ll be the first in your crew with the moves to get four in a row? Connect 4 brings tic-tac-toe to the next level to hone your kids’ strategic-thinking skills.
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  • Battleship | 7-14 years 10 of 13
    A “hit” since the early 1940s, Battleship was originally a paper and pencil game called Broadsides, the Game of Naval Strategy. Today’s version still presents the challenge of plotting each move while keeping track of all the hits and misses — just with a cool, streamlined “board” (and
    a catchier name).
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  • Monopoly | 8-12 years 11 of 13
    Available in tons of co-branded versions (Monopoly G.I. Joe, Monopoly Star Wars ...), Monopoly develops practical math skills while providing a basic intro to the high-stakes world of real estate development! And watching the kids think Park Place is a smart buy is always a riot ...
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  • Scrabble | 8-12 years 12 of 13
    This more-than-60-year-old game is a sneaky way to help your kids bone up on their vocabulary and spelling skills — and keep your brain alert!
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  • The Game Of Life | 914 years 13 of 13
    Originally invented by Milton Bradley back in 1860, this game gives your school-aged kid a glimpse into the ups and downs of grown-up life with a twirl of the big spinner!
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