High-Tech Cleaning Tools for Home

  • Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum 1 of 10
    Dyson DC25 Animal Upright Vacuum
    Far more graceful than its name lets on, Dyson’s Animal blends hurricane-force suction with a ball-based steering system that enables it to glide under, around and behind your home’s every nook and cranny. Pop off the wand attachment to make quick work of stairs and smaller spaces, and when the floors are clean, simply push a button to empty the canister — no bags (ever) required.
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  • Eureka Enviro Steamer (313A) Steam Mop 2 of 10
    Eureka Enviro Steamer (313A) Steam Mop
    You've never seen how clean a floor can get (or how disgusting a floor that looks clean really is) until you've gone over it with a steam cleaner. Eureka's hardy, easy-to-use Enviro Steamer brings new life to everything from laminate to ceramic surfaces — just add water and plug it in.
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  • Rabbit Air BioGS (412A) Air Purifier with Washable Filters 3 of 10
    Rabbit Air BioGS (412A) Air Purifier with Washable Filters
    We’ll admit it was the looks that first grabbed us with Rabbit Air’s purifiers — but families with allergies will be glad to know the company’s Air BioGS has the tech to match its luxe facade. Designed to trap dirt, dander, pollen and other irritants down to 0.3 microns (read: invisible to your eye, but not your nose), the BioGS also features near-silent operating noise, a washable three-year filter, and the ability to “scrub” up to 600 square feet of air at any given time.
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  • Black 4 of 10
    If ever a cleaning gadget earned its name, it’d be Black & Decker’s signature tub-and-shower scum destroyer. The motorized head blasts mildew, soap scum and stains from hard surfaces, while the extension arm holds your cleaner of choice. For you, this means no more bending over and rubbing like mad — just push a button and let ScumBuster do the dirty work.
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  • iRobot Roomba (44001) Vacuum Cleaning Robot 5 of 10
    iRobot Roomba (44001) Vacuum Cleaning Robot
    From the minute they sit down to breakfast until the 26th snack of the day is consumed, kids love to leave a breadcrumb trail. Give yourself a break from breaking out the vacuum and let iRoomba’s entry-level Roomba take care of business as it zips along the floor for hours and sucks up all the little things kids leave behind.
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  • Bausch + Lomb clens Home and Office Cleaning Kit 6 of 10
    Bausch + Lomb clens Home and Office Cleaning Kit
    Whether they’re playing Angry Birds on your iPhone or finger-painting with pancake syrup on your Samsung Galaxy, kids have an uncanny knack for mucking up the best screens in the house. Spray and buff Bausch + Lomb’s clens on your screen, however, and you don’t just wave bye-bye to grimy fingerprints; you also get an invisible coating that helps to repel future messes.
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  • RoboMop Floor Sweeper 7 of 10
    RoboMop Floor Sweeper
    Hardwood floors look great, but they’re magnets for dust, lint and pet hair. You could spend hours each day dusting, or you could let RoboMop do the work for you. As RoboMop zips along your floors, its soft electrostatic pad attracts dust and dirt in every corner &mdash and while it’s a pro on wood and laminate, RoboMop also zips effortlessly across tile, stone and linoleum.
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  • Williams-Sonoma Pop-Up Sponges 8 of 10
    Williams-Sonoma Pop-Up Sponges
    Whether you’re catching a spill or hand-washing dinner dishes, these all-natural sponges are ready for the job. When dry, they compress into flat, thin rectangles for easy storage, but when it’s time to clean, you just add water to puff them up for duty. One package lasts for months, too — simply wash the sponges in your dishwasher (ironic, we know) to keep them clean and fresh.
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  • iRobot Looj (12501) Remote Control Gutter Cleaning Robot 9 of 10
    iRobot Looj (12501) Remote Control Gutter Cleaning Robot
    As thankless chores go, cleaning gutters ranks alongside diaper duty and 3 a.m. feedings. While we’ve yet to see a robot that can handle the latter two, we’ll rely on iRobot’s Looj to keep our gutters under control. This spinning, whirring bot propels itself to whisk leaves and other gunk from a 60-foot section of gutter in just 10 minutes. No offense, Dad, but you’ll never beat that.
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  • Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty 10 of 10
    Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty
    Remember Silly Putty? Cyber Clean is sort of like that — only, instead of sticking to your hands, hair and the family pet, this ooey, gooey compound attaches to your phone, remote control or keyboard, where it magically “sucks” dirt and germs off the surface, no mess left behind. Now if only they could make it big enough to stick to our kids…
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