Manly Fathers Day Gifts

  • Molla Space Animal Shot Glasses 1 of 16
    Molla Space Animal Shot Glasses
    Think of these shot glasses as the miniature equivalent of a mounted head on the wall — they’re sure to bring out the animal in any man.
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  • Beckel Canvas Tents 2 of 16
    Beckel Canvas Tents
    Adventurous dads would love to be surprised with a spontaneous camping trip. Gift him one of these gorgeous canvas tents on Father’s Day then let him in on the details.
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  • Pendleton Blanket 3 of 16
    Pendleton Blanket
    Maybe he isn’t a Snuggie guy. Maybe he isn’t the biggest fan of that scratchy quilt your mom made him last year. But he just might be willing to cuddle under this blanket, whose pattern is inspired by Native American folklore.
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  • Emergency Fire Starter 4 of 16
    Emergency Fire Starter
    If he missed the "start a fire" lesson at Boy Scouts, dad can get the flames going outside your tent with this handy tool.
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  • The Field House Bone-Handled Knife 5 of 16
    The Field House Bone-Handled Knife
    Sure, they probably won’t use it to hunt or whittle anything, but a knife makes men feel useful. This one comes with a white-bone handle and a little history.
    Get a Field House knife — and find out the story behind it »
  • Graphite Quill 6 of 16
    Graphite Quill
    Is the quill mightier than the sword? Maybe in this case. Made entirely of graphite, this quill is built to last about 7 years! (Should be enough time for dad to pen the great American novel, right?)
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  • Map Handkerchief 7 of 16
    Map Handkerchief
    Here’s a handkerchief for the modern man. One who appreciates good art and fine wine but doesn’t mind wiping the occasional snotty nose (whether it’s his or Junior’s).
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  • Beer Holster 8 of 16
    Beer Holster
    He'll be ready to tailgate all afternoon with one of these handy beer belts strapped around his waist.
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  • Zombie DVD Box Set 9 of 16
    Zombie DVD Box Set
    What guy doesn’t enjoy a good zombie movie? Make a custom DVD set of your husband’s favorites, add a bucket of popcorn or his favorite candy, and give him a day in the den by himself.
    Begin making your own zombie DVD box set »
  • The Meat Bible 10 of 16
    The Meat Bible
    Packed with more than 150 recipes featuring your husband's favorite food group, the Meat Bible covers everything from how to butterfly a chicken to how to make beef jerky.
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  • BBQ Apron 11 of 16
    BBQ Apron
    The grill master in your family will love this DIY gift, and you’ll love how easy it is to make.
    Make this apron »
  • Bacon of the Month Club 12 of 16
    Bacon of the Month Club
    Boar bacon, buffalo bacon, apple cinnamon bacon — he’ll try it all and love you more and more each month. (Especially if you work it into these recipes.)
    Get a Bacon of the Month membership »
  • Blackbird Mending Kit 13 of 16
    Blackbird Mending Kit
    Is he handier with a needle than you are? Get him this manly sewing kit as a thank you for reattaching buttons and mending torn blouses.
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  • Superhero Snacks 14 of 16
    Superhero Snacks
    Print out these downloadable “Superhero” labels and stick ’em on a bunch of dad’s favorite snacks. You can nag him about his cholesterol another day.
    Get these custom labels »
  • Inventory Magazine subscription 15 of 16
    Inventory Magazine subscription
    Fashion magazines aren’t just for the ladies. Inventory looks into the how and why behind clothes and products. (So maybe he’ll finally understand why a $100 pair of stilettos is totally worth it.)
    Get a subscription to Inventory »
  • Cards for the Cool Dad 16 of 16
    Cards for the Cool Dad
    Last, but not least, no gift is complete without a card. If drugstore cards are too sappy for your man, try these hip, heartfelt notes.
    Get a cool card »
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