21 Ridiculous and Awesome Things I Bought During My First Trimester

first trimester products
Image source: Babble | Megan Sayers

I am a list-maker. A list aficionado. List enthusiast. I think you catch my drift.

I have always been this way — I have multiple notebooks, magnetic notepads, sticky notes, and Excel spreadsheets in my organizational rotation. I’ll spare you the list of things I have for listing. So of course, the minute I found out I was pregnant, I started to make shopping lists.

Here is the thing about pregnancy hormones — when they tell you about the urge to “nest,” I thought they meant decorating or cleaning or otherwise adjusting my physical space. For some people (like me), nesting takes the form of light hoarding.

I wanted to make sure I had EVERYTHING I needed for my little chicken nugget, and I have the receipts to prove it. A whole list of receipts. Oh look, here is a list of some of the things I bought, for better or worse.

1. Stretch Mark Cream

first trimester products
Image source: Earth Mama – Baby Angel Organics

Literally from the first minute I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been paranoid about stretch marks. I can’t swear the lotion is working but it smells good and I like it, and so far I haven’t seen any new marks, so it must be doing something. Please be doing something. As an alternative, I also really liked Amareta’s Nourishing Belly Oil.
Available from Amazon, $12.15

2. Stretchy Jeans

first trimester products
Image source: Nordstrom

A new pair of jeans, one size larger than current jeans. I got a super stretchy pair from Articles of Society and now I’m 6 months in and still wearing them.
Available from Nordstrom, $64

3. Baby Books

first trimester products
Image source: Minted

I had big plans to document every milestone in this pregnancy so I bought three: an adorable one from Minted, Expecting You, and Le Petit Baby Book. Current pages filled out: also three. Sigh.

Expecting You is available from Amazon, $13.46
Le Petit Baby Book is available from Amazon, $20.40
Baby books available from Minted, prices vary

4. Mae Band

first trimester products
Image source: Mae Band

I tried the Bella Band and it was ok, but Los Angeles is hot and it was just a lot of extra fabric to be wearing all the time. I switched to the Mae band and I love it. It works with a lot of my non-pregnancy jeans and it’s so comfortable, I’m may just keep wearing it after pregnancy, whenever I eat a big dinner.
Available from Amazon, $21.95

5. Nice DSLR Camera

dslr camera
Image source: Best Buy | Megan Sayers

Currently all of my photos are taken with my iPhone 6 and they are fine but not great. I definitely plan to be one of those moms who take all the photos and I wanted a good camera that also didn’t require a post-graduate degree in photography. This Canon EOS Rebel T6 is user-friendly and awesome, at a price point that didn’t drain our baby’s college fund. You can always upgrade the lenses if you get super into photography.
Available from Amazon, $469

6. Prenatal Vitamins (1 year’s supply)

first trimester products
Image source: Smarty Pants

A year’s supply would have been a smart purchase if I was gestating a giraffe, but I just might take them for the rest of my life because my hair has never looked better.
Available from Amazon, $18.92

7. Storage Bins

first trimester products
Image source: Land of Nod

I went on a true home and organizing purge and it felt INCREDIBLE. I also went overboard buying wicker baskets and bins, I love these cotton cubes from Land of Nod, this wicker storage tray from Container Store, and this metal crate from Threshold. You’re going to have whole new categories of things for the baby. Bins are like lists for physical things, right?
Bins available from Land of Nod, Container Store, and Target

8. Vtech Baby Monitor

vtech baby monitor
Image source: Vtech | Megan Sayers

My husband is a gadget junkie and I swear he read about a thousand reviews before he picked the “right” monitor for us. The VM991 will let us keep a close eye on the baby when he’s finally here — and our pet in the meantime. It has remote monitoring using their free mobile app, two-way audio, and pan/tilt control, and did I mention how much fun we’re having using it to monitor the cat?
Available from Amazon, $187.49

9. Cat Condo

cat condo
Image source: Amazon | Megan Sayers

Speaking of the cat, I bought a giant cat condo because I’m dealing with serious guilt about displacing our fur baby with our human firstborn.
Available from Amazon, $57.95

10. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

what to expect when you're expecting book
Image source: Megan Sayers

I didn’t actually buy this, a dear friend/coworker gave it to me and I love it. Let’s just say, there’s a reason it’s the #1 Best-selling pregnancy book. This week, my baby is the size of a spaghetti squash.
Available from Amazon, $12.43

11. Car Seat Canopy

first trimester products
Image source: BayB Brand

To protect from the elements and direct sunshine … even though we’re still lost in the Bermuda Triangle of trying to pick an actual car seat.
Available from Amazon, $29.99

12. Freshly Picked Moccasins

first trimester products
Image source: Freshly Picked

It’s possible I got pregnant just so I could buy these for my offspring. When will they start making them for adults?
Available from Amazon, $45

13. Beco 8 Baby Carrier

baby carrier
Image source: Beco

I got this for my husband. He’s been practicing with the cat. Luckily, we have a handy cat condo for when he needs to hide/escape.
Available from Beco, $180

14. New Bra

mom bra
Image source: Aerie | Megan Sayers

A new bra because your belly’s not the only body part that’s growing. Here’s a great one from Aerie, and a slightly expensive but also SO COMFORTABLE one from True & Co.
Available from True & Co, $58

15. Skip Hop Baby Gym

first trimester products
Image source: Skip Hop

This was my first official baby playtime acquisition. It’s simply the cutest and I can’t wait to see my little guy rolling around under there!
Available from Amazon, $110

16. New Pillows

first trimester products
Image source: JC Penny

Pregnancy insomnia hit hard and fast. I love this pillow option, because I’m a hot sleeper and also a side sleeper.
Available from Amazon, $36.55

17. Magnesium Supplements

first trimester products
Image source: Nature Made

Speaking of pregnancy insomnia, I also started to get really bad restless leg syndrome and cramping. A friend suggested magnesium supplements, as there’s early research on the link between magnesium deficiency and RLS and it has definitely helped. Always check with your doctor before taking anything during pregnancy, but mine said the supplements were safe for me.
Available from Amazon, $8.47

18. Pregnancy Butt Donut

Image source: Duomishu | Megan Sayers

Don’t ask questions. Just order one.
Available from Amazon, $8.90

19 . Stretchy “Workout” Leggings

first trimester products
Image source: Lucy

Just kidding, they’re actually “sit around and eat snacks” leggings.
Available from Amazon, $63.97

20. Incredible Dress

first trimester products
Image source: Nordstrom

Classic yet comfortable, this dress is the gift that keeps on giving.
Available from Nordstrom, $56

21. Baby Onesie for Our Cat-Baby Announcement

baby onesie
Image source: Inkstastic | Megan Sayers

If we weren’t those people, we are those people now.

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