Fisher-Price Toddler Toys 1930-2011

  • Dr. Doodle 1 of 13
    Dr. Doodle

    A peek in your grandma’s old toy chest may very well have revealed a Dr. Doodle &mdash a wooden duck pull-toy that was the cornerstone of the first-ever Fisher-Price toy line back in 1931.
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  • Snoopy Sniffer 2 of 13
    Snoopy Sniffer
    After his debut back in 1938, this adorable wooden pull-pooch, known as “Snoopy Sniffer,” was “kid’s best friend” for over 40 years. No wonder he’s one of the most popular Fisher-Price pull-toys ever.
  • Musical Elephant 3 of 13
    Musical Elephant
    Your mom and dad might have coveted this Fisher-Price Musical Elephant when they were kids &mdash he was so popular he even made a cameo at the 1948 Republican National Convention. Today, he can fetch up to $150 on eBay!
  • Buzzy Bee 4 of 13
    Buzzy Bee
    Fisher-Price was the first company to introduce colorful plastics to the toy construction process back in the 1950s. Among those innovations was the Buzzy Bee &mdash a pull-toy that saw four different incarnations in the 35 years between its launch and 1985.
  • Rock-A-Stack 5 of 13
    A favorite from our own generation, Fisher-Price 1960s stalwart Rock-A-Stack now rocks our children’s playrooms!
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  • Chatter Telephone 6 of 13
    Chatter Telephone
    Long before babies used iPhones, the Chatter Telephone quickly became one of the most beloved toys of the ‘60s and ‘70s.
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  • Little People 7 of 13
    Little People
    Who doesn’t remember playing with Fisher-Price Little People (originally called the Play Family line, shown here, in 1968)? More than 1 billion Little People figures have been sold to date!
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  • “The finest childs phonograph” 8 of 13
    "The finest childs phonograph"
    In 1979, Fisher-Price brought music to little ears with a solid-state phonograph able to withstand kid roughhousing. Today, the Kid-Tough® line of audio-visual products encourages the world’s smallest DJs to cue up their favorite tunes.
  • BabyGear 9 of 13
    Back in 1984, Fisher-Price launched the now hugely successful BabyGear line of high chairs and furniture for its youngest customers.
  • View-Master and Magna Doodle 10 of 13
    View-Master and Magna Doodle
    Through a merger with Tyco® Toys and Mattel back in 1997, Fisher-Price inherited the View-Master® handheld video projector and Magna Doodle® magnetic drawing pad &mdash classics for both our generation and our kids’.
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  • Smart Cycle 11 of 13
    Smart Cycle
    Preschoolers can get their ya-yas out (and learn a thing or two) by taking a spin on the Fisher-Price Smart Cycle. Introduced in 2007, it won two Toy of the Year awards. Just hook it up to your TV and let the games begin!
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  • iXL Digital Learning System 12 of 13
    iXL Digital Learning System
    In 2010, Fisher-Price launched the iXL Digital Learning System for the budding techie in your brood. It’s a portable 6-in-one smart device that houses a book, a game player, a digital music player
    and more!
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  • Little People Wheelies Play ‘n Go Construction Site 13 of 13
    Little People Wheelies Play 'n Go Construction Site
    Vroom, vroom! This year’s Little People Wheelies Play 'n Go Construction Site encourages your little builder to configure a variety of ramps for the bulldozer. With its convenient take-along design, he or she can do it almost anywhere!
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