Rainbow Home Goods

  • DIY Xylophone Table 1 of 13
    DIY Xylophone Table
    The only thing that would make this coffee table more fun is if you could actually play it (though maybe it’s a good thing you can’t).
    Make a DIY xylophone table »
  • Rainbow Rain Boot Garden 2 of 13
    Rainbow Rain Boot Garden
    After the rain comes this rainbow boot garden full of beautiful sprouting plants.
    Make your own rain boot garden »
  • DIY Rainbow Staircase 3 of 13
    DIY Rainbow Staircase
    You and your family will literally be walking on rainbows with this bright and fun home design idea. Maybe you’ll even find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…
    Get design inspiration for this and other staircase ideas »
  • Rainbow Curtains 4 of 13
    Rainbow Curtains
    Whether you’re working with white walls or bright green, rainbow colored curtains add punch to a room and make a great focal point.
    Get rainbow curtains »
  • Colorful Toy Storage 5 of 13
    Colorful Toy Storage
    Add some color and get rid of clutter in your kid’s room or playroom with this toy organizer. It’s easy for kids to use and better yet — it won’t break the bank!
    Get colorful toy storage »
  • Rainbow Striped Duvet Cover 6 of 13
    Rainbow Striped Duvet Cover
    This duvet cover is straight from our dreams! It combines the rainbow décor trend and the striped trend for some truly beautiful bedding.
    Get the rainbow striped duvet cover »
  • Rainbow Pillows 7 of 13
    Rainbow Pillows
    If you want to get a little more funky with rainbow-colored bedding, these decorative pillows offer a burst of color with a unique design.
    Get rainbow color burst pillows »
  • Rainbow Vellum Mobiles 8 of 13
    Rainbow Vellum Mobiles
    Throwing a party? These rainbow mobiles make the perfect decoration — sure to brighten up any fiesta!
    Get rainbow party decorations »
  • Melamine Serving Trays 9 of 13
    Melamine Serving Trays
    Speaking of parties … your guests will ooh and ahh over the fun colorful patterns of these cute melamine serving trays. Or use them at family dinners to turn everyday meals into a special occasion.
    Get melamine serving trays »
  • Multi-Colored Washi Tape 10 of 13
    Multi-Colored Washi Tape
    If you want more subtle rainbow colors in your home, skip the painting, and decorate your walls using this giant washi tape.
    Get giant washi tape »
  • Rainbow Alphabet Puzzle 11 of 13
    Rainbow Alphabet Puzzle
    Instead of those clunky plastic letters all over your refrigerator, let your kids decorate and play with a little color through this fun rainbow alphabet puzzle — it’s an aesthetic you can live with.
    Get the rainbow alphabet puzzle »
  • Multi-Colored Braided Rug 12 of 13
    Multi-Colored Braided Rug
    No matter your nursery’s color scheme, this rainbow rug can bring some extra warmth and color into the room. Plus, it’s durable to withstand the wear and tear through the years.
    Get the multi-colored braided rug »
  • Color Wheel Pie Plate 13 of 13
    Color Wheel Pie Plate
    What’s better than a freshly baked pie? A pie freshly baked and served in this gorgeous color wheel pie plate.
    Get the color wheel pie plate »
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