10 Best iPhone Apps for Pre-Readers

  • Music Learning Adventure | Free | 3+ 1 of 10
    Music Learning Adventure | Free | 3+
    This app from the Emmy-winning Juno Baby puts an interactive orchestra at kids’ fingertips. Flashcards and multilingual lessons abound, but audio feedback and squeezably cute icons make it easy for pre-readers to navigate. Get it from: iTunes
  • Little Critter Apps | $1.99 | 3+ 2 of 10
    Little Critter Apps | $1.99 | 3+
    Your kids may not be able to make out “Read to Me” on Little Critter’s menu, but one touch from you brings Mercer Mayer classics All by Myself, I Just Forgot, Just Grandma and Me and more to life.
    Get it from: Oceanhouse Media
  • Peekaboo Wild | $1.99 | 0+ 3 of 10
    Peekaboo Wild | $1.99 | 0+
    From the geniuses behind the sanity-saving Peekaboo Barn comes this app, which applies a similar idea (find hidden animals and build word-recognition skills in the process) to an adorable grassland theme.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • AlphaBaby Free | Free | 0+ 4 of 10
    AlphaBaby Free | Free | 0+
    Letters, shapes, colors and numbers come to life in a colorful interface even 2-year-olds can navigate. You can also create lessons by uploading photos and recording simple words.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • Kidzongs | $0.99 | 0+ 5 of 10
    Kidzongs | $0.99 | 0+
    Sing alone or be sung to — either way, the lyrics display on this simple sing-along app allows kids to see (even if they can’t yet decipher) the words to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and more.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • Disney Toy Story Read-Along | Free | 3+ 6 of 10
    Disney Toy Story Read-Along | Free | 3+
    Other Disney Read-Along apps will cost you $8.99 each, so test the waters with your pre-reader on the free, fully interactive Toy Story. A young-reader mode makes it easy to follow along, but this app also grows with your kids’ abilities.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • iWriteWords | $1.99 | 3+ 7 of 10
    iWriteWords | $1.99 | 3+
    Your preschoolers will think they’re playing a game, but with its 70 available letters and 20 numbers, iWriteWords is really letting the kiddos trace their paths toward basic word recognition and handwriting skills.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • Interactive Alphabet ABC Flash Cards | $2.99 | 0+ 8 of 10
    Interactive Alphabet  ABC Flash Cards | $2.99 | 0+
    Kids don’t just passively learn the alphabet in this award-winning app; instead, they experience their ABCs through a fun, interactive interface that turns familiar letters into unfamiliar playthings.
    Get it from: iTunes
  • Dr. Seuss omBooks | $1.99+ | 3+ 9 of 10
    Dr. Seuss omBooks | $1.99+ | 3+
    Best enjoyed together with your wee one, these iPhone- and iPad-friendly renditions of Seuss classics combine captivating storytelling with picture and word recognition to help sharpen pre-readers’ skills.
    Get it from: Oceanhouse Media
  • Alphabet Fun | $2.99 | 0+ 10 of 10
    Alphabet Fun | $2.99 | 0+
    Letters are just the start of the lesson plan in this vibrant, farm-themed app. You also get color and number exercises, all of which are easy enough for a toddler to grasp but challenging enough to keep kids busy into pre-K.
    Get it from: iTunes
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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