10 Wall Decals for Kids Rooms

  • Bilk 1 of 10
    Threadless is one of our favorite places to shop for the coolest and most creative kids clothes. Now that they’re designing wall decals, we have yet another reason to love them!
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  • DwellStudio Customizable Decals 2 of 10
    DwellStudio Customizable Decals
    You can order these modern-chic decals of paper dolls, birdies, and more in any size or color to suit your decorating needs.
    Get DwellStudio customizable decals
  • e-glue Wall Decals 3 of 10
    e-glue Wall Decals
    From unicorns to spaceships to dinosaurs, this French company’s wide range of decals makes it easy to add a playful touch to your kid’s room.
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  • A Single Stone Wall Decals 4 of 10
    A Single Stone Wall Decals
    Kill two birds with a Single Stone wall decal, which functions as both gorgeous home décor and a handy growth chart.
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  • Paper Doll Decals 5 of 10
    Paper Doll Decals
    Your kids will love mixing and matching the outfits on these life-sized paper doll stick-ons. It’s play time and decorating time — without the cleanup!
    Get paper doll decals
  • Simple Shapes Wall Decals 6 of 10
    Simple Shapes Wall Decals
    Part wall calendar and part wall art, this decal seamlessly blends form and function to give you the most bang for your buck. (And we never met a kid who didn’t like to draw on walls.)
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  • New Little Lion Decals 7 of 10
    New Little Lion Decals
    The lions, giraffes, and bears (oh my!) that are part of this adorable decal collection will keep your kids company at night.
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  • Petit Collage Elephant Decals 8 of 10
    Petit Collage Elephant Decals
    The mama-and-baby elephant combo starring in this simple set of decals will brighten up any room in the house.
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  • Pop and Lolli Wall Decals 9 of 10
    Pop and Lolli Wall Decals
    Make your walls whimsical with fun, funky, and eco-friendly decals from Pop and Lolli. They’re reusable, too, so you can move them around as much as you want — without having to
    spackle the walls.
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  • Shanna Murray Decals 10 of 10
    Shanna Murray Decals
    These gorgeous, illustrated decals have a vintage feel and will look like they’re actually hand-painted on the walls (who has to know they weren’t?).
    Get Shanna Murray decals

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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