Diamonds, Cars:and Blankies?

  • John Hardy Pave Diamond Baby Bracelet 1 of 22
    John Hardy Pave Diamond Baby Bracelet
    Didn’t you know? Diamonds are a baby’s best friend…and they’re only $750! (Ha!)
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  • Bloom Cocowood Baby Bouncer 2 of 22
    Bloom Cocowood Baby Bouncer
    Is it baby gear or a piece of art? This sleek, $200 wood and leather bouncer is both.
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  • DoDo Baby Basket 3 of 22
    DoDo Baby Basket
    Shaped like an egg, made with natural silk, and carved out of one piece of wood, this luxury baby basket simulates a warm, womb-like environment for your baby, starting at about $2,500.
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  • Padded Rocking Horse 4 of 22
    Padded Rocking Horse
    Pamper your little royal’s bottom with a $300 (approximately) padded rocking horse, the ultimate playtime luxury.
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  • Baby Blanket Map 5 of 22
    Baby Blanket Map
    For just over $2,400, you can customize this hand-embroidered quilt to be a map of baby’s first neighborhood, with special markings for your home, favorite parks, and palace grounds …
    er, playgrounds.
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  • Monogrammed Baby Moccasins 6 of 22
    Monogrammed Baby Moccasins
    For $70 you can add a personal touch to these swanky baby shoes. Beats bronzing them, right?
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  • Royal Baby Shoes 7 of 22
    Royal Baby Shoes
    …And you can add another pair to that expensive shoe collection with these $165 silk and leather Swarovski-covered baby booties, complete with the royal coat of arms embroidery.
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  • Designer Baby Blocks 8 of 22
    Designer Baby Blocks
    All babies need some blocks to play with, but this unique set, made from sustainable wood with non-toxic inks, is the prettiest one we’ve seen — certainly fit for royalty with a $120 price tag.
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  • Modern Music Box 9 of 22
    Modern Music Box
    Your wee one will love rolling this ball-shaped music box back and forth — and you’ll love the Mozart melodies that it plays. That is, if you want to spend $95.
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  • The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book 10 of 22
    The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book
    Though it won’t break the bank, $35 is a lot for a baby book! That said, this classic story comes to life with elegant pop-ups.
    Get The Little Prince deluxe pop-up book »
  • Parisian Puzzle Set 11 of 22
    Parisian Puzzle Set
    These lovely wooden puzzles were illustrated by a French artist and will teach your puzzle-solver the big Parisian landmarks — for only $46!
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  • Audi Kids Car 12 of 22
    Audi Kids Car
    This handmade bad boy is a replica of the real Audi race car for adults. But before you speed away to order it, be warned: it’ll set you back a cool $15,000.
    Get the Audi kids car »
  • Electric Lamborghini Gallardo Toy Car 13 of 22
    Electric Lamborghini Gallardo Toy Car
    Vroom vroom. Like its bigger brother, this baby Lamborghini is one of the snazziest kids' cars on the market. And compared to the Audi, it’s a bargain at $625!
    Get an electric Lamborghini toy car »
  • Silver Cross Play Pram 14 of 22
    Silver Cross Play Pram
    From the company famous for their high-end ($700) prams comes this stunning, handmade replica made to hold the royal … Teddy bear.
    Silver Cross Play Pram »
  • The Roddler Stroller 15 of 22
    The Roddler Stroller
    Hand-built with custom-painted fenders and stainless hardware, the Roddler is the Rolls Royce of strollers — with a Rolls Royce-like price tag of $3,500.
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  • Convert-O Bike 16 of 22
    Convert-O Bike
    Made from nearly indestructible cast aluminum, this sleek and stylish bike, which costs close to $300, is designed to grow with your child from tricycle to two-wheeler. No biking in the palace!
    Get the Convert-O Bike »
  • Herms Coloring Book 17 of 22
    Herms Coloring Book
    At $130 bucks a pop, this designer coloring book is the ultimate splurge. (Let’s hope your little princess colors inside the lines!)
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  • Edible Gingerbread Playhouse 18 of 22
    Edible Gingerbread Playhouse
    Try fitting this under the Christmas tree: Made from over 300 pounds of gingerbread and over 500 pounds of royal icing, this life-sized playhouse comes with a larger-than-life price: $15,000.
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  • Modern Playhouse 19 of 22
    Modern Playhouse
    … And when it’s a bit warmer outside, the young royals can play in one of these incredible contemporary playhouses — complete with indoor lighting — for a mere $3,000 or more!
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  • The Royal We World Map 20 of 22
    The Royal We World Map
    This hand-drawn map (with a $180 price tag) by You and Me The Royal We (pretty fitting name, huh?) comes with pins for your jet-setting little one to keep track of all the places he’s been (or will soon conquer!).
    Get The Royal We world map »
  • A Cool Globe 21 of 22
    A Cool Globe
    Show your future conquistador all the places he’ll travel on a super neat globe (prices range from $100-$400).
    Get a cool globe »
  • A Stylish Piggy Bank 22 of 22
    A Stylish Piggy Bank
    After you break your bank spending on your little ones (these piggy banks range from $50 to $100), they’ll need to start saving their own dimes!
    Get a stylish piggy bank »
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