Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  • Vintage Raleigh Bike 1 of 25
    Vintage Raleigh Bike
    This gorgeous vintage bike (circa 1955) includes a little seat on the back so mom and kid can have some extra bonding time.
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  • A French Bouquet 2 of 25
    A French Bouquet
    Learn how to put together an unforgettable bouquet of flowers for your special lady. Because the French know a little something about love, don’t you think?
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  • Tina Feys Bossypants 3 of 25
    Tina Feys Bossypants
    For the real bossypants in your life.
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  • Prudent Advice 4 of 25
    Prudent Advice
    A different kind of chick lit: This modern advice book delivers 500 mini lessons that cover everything a mother could hope to teach her daughter.
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  • A Gardening Book 5 of 25
    A Gardening Book
    Does mom have a green thumb? Gift her one of these gardening books and watch her flowers, fruits, and/or veggies flourish!
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  • Flora Grubb Vertical Garden 6 of 25
    Flora Grubb Vertical Garden
    How does mom’s garden grow? Up and down with this super cool vertical garden, which is perfect for those who love to plant but don’t have the space for it.
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  • Grobal Garden Unit 7 of 25
    Grobal Garden Unit
    ...Or, if mom isn’t so garden-savvy but still likes having plants around, the sleek Grobal will do all the work for her; a self-watering system installed in the unit keeps plants happy and healthy.
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  • Watercolor Petals Dinnerware 8 of 25
    Watercolor Petals Dinnerware
    Designed by an artist inspired by the landscape of her native New Orleans, this dishware is almost too pretty to eat off. You can make your gift extra sweet with an offer to take over
    dishwashing duty...
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  • Floating Bed 9 of 25
    Floating Bed
    This bed blows the hammock out of the water. It can be used indoors or outdoors as an extra bed or playhouse — however mom wants it.
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  • Crocheted Coffee Cozy 10 of 25
    Crocheted Coffee Cozy
    These handmade, crocheted cozies from Etsy will bring a smile to mom's face whenever she takes a sip of her morning coffee.
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  • Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool 11 of 25
    Silhouette Digital Cutting Tool
    Mom can really put her craft skills to work with this gadget, which cuts everything from paper to fabric to temporary tattoos.
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  • Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera 12 of 25
    Fuuvi Pick USB Mini Digital Camera
    Even though the colorful, pint-sized Fuuvi is no bigger than a flash drive, it's also a digital camera that can take both still pictures and video so mom is sure to capture every memory.
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  • Get a Family Photo Blown Up 13 of 25
    Get a Family Photo Blown Up
    We bet mom’s the one who wrangles up the (reluctant) family for a yearly photo. Make sure her efforts pay off by getting her favorite photo blown up for hanging on a wall in the house.
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  • Custom Photo Notepad 14 of 25
    Custom Photo Notepad
    These beautiful notebooks from Pinhole Press let you upload a favorite photo to make custom notepads with the photo on each page. So if you've got a cute one of kiddo or the fam, we're sure mom wouldn't mind seeing it every time she needs to jot something down.
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  • “Play Nice” Poster 15 of 25
    "Play Nice" Poster
    Spread happy thoughts in the house with this quirky, vintage framed poster. (The message applies to both kids and couples!)
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  • Vintage Industrial Lamp 16 of 25
    Vintage Industrial Lamp
    Talk about breathing new life into old things; Artist Robert Ogden combines parts from flea markets, factories, and junkyards to create one-of-a-kind lamps that'll add some pizzazz to
    mom’s special space.
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  • Bow Headphones 17 of 25
    Bow Headphones
    Is it a headband? Is it headphones? This crazy cute accessory is both!
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  • Crow BFW Watch 18 of 25
    Crow BFW Watch
    Here's a modern, funky watch that's baby-proof and kid-proof — in other words, perfect for mom.
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  • Kate Spade Striped Dress 19 of 25
    Kate Spade Striped Dress
    Get mom out of her yoga pants and into this playful dress, cut with a flattering silhouette that would look great on any body type.
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  • Gap Metallic 2-in-1 Bag 20 of 25
    Gap Metallic 2-in-1 Bag
    This sparkly silver bag converts from a hobo to a tote, depending on how much space mom needs.
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  • Timi 21 of 25
    On the outside, you’d never know this fashion must-have (and celeb fave!) was a diaper bag. But its roomy interior is filled with compartments to help simplify all the odds and ends mom has to carry.
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  • Hand-Dyed Bracelets 22 of 25
    Hand-Dyed Bracelets
    Handmade in Argentina with hand-dyed silk, these colorful bracelets would look great stacked on mom’s wrist.
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  • Stylish Water Shoes 23 of 25
    Stylish Water Shoes
    Fashionista feet can stay chic while braving rocks and pebbles on the shore with these water shoes. If oxfords and Sperrys had a really good-looking kid, this pair would be it.
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  • Anthropologie Sunglasses 24 of 25
    Anthropologie Sunglasses
    Stunner shades for mom? Check.
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  • Jonathan Adler Sunglass Case 25 of 25
    Jonathan Adler Sunglass Case
    ... And here’s the heartwarming case you can also give her to protect that chic new pair of shades.
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