These Retro Kitchen Products Will Have You Feeling All Sorts of Nostalgic

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retro kitchen products
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Raise your hand if you can still remember the CorningWare your mom used when you were young (and still owns to this day). Yep — same here. I can also remember the exact shade of shag carpeting in my grandpa’s living room, the way the plastic would squeak on my great-aunt’s sofas, and the faded, 1980s-style mugs my dad used to sip coffee out of.

But I’m sure I’m not alone. Our collective love of all things nostalgia is real. It’s also why vintage-inspired decor is coming back these days in a big way. From ’50s-style toasters to old school mini-fridges, here are 15 products that will turn your kitchen into a retro haven.

retro refrigerator
Image source: Daewoo

1. Retro Compact Fridge

This sweet mini fridge is giving us some major ’50s vibes, and is perfect for decking out anything from a dorm room to a vacation home.

Available from Amazon, $311.06

retro smeg toaster
Image source: SMEG

2. Retro-Style 2-Slice Toaster

This ain’t your grandma’s toaster — but it sure looks like it! This retro-styled gadget from Smeg has six browning levels, three pre-set options, a removable crumb tray, and even anti-slip feet.

Available from Amazon, $149.95

cosco red step stool
Image source: Cosco

3. Kitchen Step Stool

I don’t care what decade you were born in — this chair will bring you back to your childhood. Whether your mom had it, or your grandma, or your Great Aunt Edna, you definitely climbed it to the very tippy-top as a kid.

Available from Amazon, $51.84

kit-cat clock
Image source: Kit-Cat Clock

4. Kit-Cat Wall Clock

They just don’t make ’em like they used to, do they? Believe it or not, this classic design has been around since 1932. (And yes, the cat’s eyes and tail still move back and forth in that slightly creepy way you remember.)

Available from Amazon, $49.99

diamond retro glass set
Image source: Sugar & Cloth

5. Retro Diamond Glass Tumblers

Create a Mad Men vibe at your next dinner party with these retro-styled tumblers!

Available from Amazon, $10.99

retro microwave
Image source: Daewoo

6. Retro Microwave

This countertop microwave may be tiny, but it’s pretty powerful. It has two-way defrost, zero standby function, and five microwave power levels up to 700W.

Available from Amazon, $79.99

retro kettle
Image source: SMEG

7. Kitchen Kettle

It’s just way more fun to put a pot of tea on with this snazzy kettle, don’t you think? And it boasts some pretty modern functions too, like a 360-degree swivel base and automatic shut-off.

Available from Amazon, $129.95

retro hot air popcorn popper
Image source: Nostalgia Products

8. Air-Popped Popcorn Machine

This old-school popcorn machine can pop up to eight cups of popcorn in one batch, and provides healthy, oil-free popping. Looks like movie night just got even better …

Available from Amazon, $16.61

retro breakfast station
Image source: Nostalgia Products

9. 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

Whipping up breakfast for the entire fam can sometimes feel like an Olympic event — but this 3-in-1 station allows you to toast bread, fry an egg, and cook sausage or bacon all at once.

Available from Amazon, $69.88

retro grilled cheese toaster
Image source: Nostalgia Products

10. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

Mastering the perfect grilled cheese will be easier than ever with this handy sandwich toaster, which can make up to two sandwiches within minutes.

Available from Amazon, $23.22

ice cream bucket
Image source: Nostalgia Products

11. Electric Wood Ice Cream Maker

I scream, you scream … (Well, you know how it goes.) This classic-styled ice cream maker turns homemade ice cream-making into a fun event for the whole family. And the best part is, it’s super easy to use.

Available from Amazon, $47.99

s'mores maker
Image source: Nostalgia Products

12. Electric S’mores Maker

Oh boy — this S’mores maker is perfect for sleepovers, campfires, or just a Friday night in. YUM.

Available from Amazon, $24.99

dash standing mixer
Image source: Dash

13. Standing Mixer

A top-notch standing mixer is always one of the most coveted gadgets in any kitchen — and this fancy one from Dash is certainly no exception. (Plus, it’s super affordable!)

Available from Dash, $39.99

Cream-colored bread box is shown open with two loaves of bread inside.
Image Source: Amazon

14. Vintage Bread Box

Now you can store bread like your grandma used to! (AKA not let half the loaf go stale before you go to make a sandwich.)

Available from Amazon, $29.97

retro cannisters
Image source: West Elm

15. Utility Kitchen Canisters

These chic kitchen canisters will keep everything organized on your countertop, while managing to pull off a classic, yet modern look that almost looks Joanna Gaines-inspired.

Available from West Elm, from $19



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