Spring Cleaning Tips

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    20 things you can live without to reduce clutter
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    Pantry items
    Discard anything expired and donate anything you won’t use in the next three months to your local food bank. Having all of your cereal, pasta and canned goods visible will help you know and use what you have.
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    Keep anything with sentimental value or that you can commit to reading this year. The rest of your book collection can be turned into dollars at a second-hand bookstore. Fire up your library card and consider investing in an e-reader such as a Kindle or an iPad.
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    Go digital: sell the DVD collection and use the proceeds to buy or rent movies on iTunes or Netflix. Used DVDs in good condition can be sold via or donated to your local library.
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    Replace your CDs with a space-saving external hard drive. With your music collection available at the click of a mouse, you’ll enjoy it more and dust it less.
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    Scan loose photos and store them digitally. When it’s time to make a photo book, you’ll have a fresh crop of vintage photos to show off. If you don’t have a scanner or want to save yourself some time, you can use a service like to scan them for you.
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    Skinny Jeans
    You’ll be that size again, but it’s no help being taunted by closets overflowing with clothes you can’t wear today. Just keep what fits and looks great on you now. Realistically, when you’re back to skinny-jeans size you’ll be celebrating with a new wardrobe.
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    Cleaning Products
    Keep the multipurpose cleaners but safely dispose of the specialty and duplicate cleaners. You’ll find it easier to stay on top of soap scum and dust bunnies when you’re just toting around a few bottles and rags.
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    Give away anything mismatched for a clean look to your dishware and glassware. Having fewer dishes will help you stay on top of loading and unloading the dishwasher.
  • Vehicle 10 of 20
    If you have a car you only use occasionally, consider becoming a member of an auto cooperative or ZipCar. You will save money, space in the garage and time: no more oil changes, maintenance appointments or car washes on your to-do list.
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    Exercise equipment
    Sell the treadmill you currently use as a clothing rack and use the proceeds to sign up for a boot camp or running group. You’re more likely to stick to a workout regime with your name on a class list and an instructor waiting for you. Visit to find your local board to sell used
    fitness equipment.
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    Get rid of the television in your bedroom and enjoy more sleep, sex and conversation. Bonus: reduced energy consumption and one less thing to dust.
  • Wedding Dress 13 of 20
    Wedding Dress
    It looked amazing on you but will it do the same for your daughter 30 years after you wore it? Styles change and the majority of wedding dresses are only ever worn once. You’ve got the photos and the memories: let someone else give up the closet space.
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    Childrens clothing
    Stop doing the laundry until someone complains they don’t have anything clean to wear. Whatever is still hanging in the closet can be donated — it’s not being worn at your house anyway.
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    Kitchen gadgets
    Are your kitchen drawers drowning in never-used Bundt pans and apple corers? Consider gifting your rarely used kitchen gadgets to a friend that will use them. You can always borrow that culinary torch back should you decide to finally make crème brulee.
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    Camping gear
    If you haven’t unrolled your sleeping bag in five years, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Life with kids changes things, and it’s common to prefer hotels and cabins over tents when you’re toting a toddler. Sell the camping stove and the rest of your gear at a garage sale and use the proceeds for your
    next vacation.
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    Credit card and bank statements
    Go paperless and request statements be emailed to you. Enjoy having less paper to
    sort, shred or file.
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    Keep items you use daily and weekly and toss expired and experimental make-up and creams. A dramatic or new evening make-up look can be had from a demo at the MAC counter. All the clear space under your sink will inspire you to just buy what you use.
  • Electronics 19 of 20
    Get some office space back by donating your old computer to a charitable organization that refurbishes them. If you’ve recently upgraded your cell phone, recycle or sell your old one. Cell Phones for Soldiers is an organization that will recycle your phone and use the proceeds to buy calling cards for soldiers abroad. Visit to find a drop-off point in your city.
  • Furniture 20 of 20
    Once you’ve pared down all your media, toys and clothing, you’ll probably find that you don’t need all three bookcases or that extra side table. Remove the extra furniture and you’ll find your home easier to clean and more enjoyable to relax in. To connect with someone locally that wants your furniture and will pick it up, visit

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