Top 25 Summer Camp Products for Kids

  • Top 25 Summer Camp Products for Kids 1 of 26
    As we careen toward the end of yet another school year, it’s time for us parents to set about scrounging for a whole new round of supplies — for camp! Not sure where to begin? We’ve compiled the top 25 accessories for kids of all ages. Whether your tykes are doing the day thing or sleeping away from home, this gear will have them well-equipped. — Vivian Manning-Schaffel
  • Native Shoes ages 0 and up 2 of 26
    Inspired by classic shoe styles, Native Shoes for kids are crafted from a unique, lightweight, comfy material to help your camper travel light. Plus, they come in a variety of fun candy colors and double as a great swim shoe! And the best part? There are no laces to tie.
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  • Salt Water Sandals ages 0 and up 3 of 26
    These classic, durable, adjustable unisex sandals are built to withstand both salt and fresh water and come in all kinds of designs and colors. Another plus for parents? They can safely be tossed in the washing machine when dirty!
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  • Bogs Shoes ages 2 and up 4 of 26
    These super-cool shoes are lightweight for easy packing, waterproof for all kinds of weather, and antimicrobial to keep young feet fresh. Plus, their contoured EVA insole can withstand lots
    of trekking!
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  • Coleman Stearns Puddle Jumper ages 2 and up 5 of 26
    This Coast Guard-approved puddle jumper is a cute way to help build your child’s confidence in the water. Its patented design fits the chest and arms of kids 30-50 pounds without compromising their full range of motion.
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  • Children’s Speedo Scuba Goggles ages 3 and up 6 of 26
    What kid can resist a peek in the pool? These colorful scuba goggles allow for better underwater peripheral vision and are adjustable for a custom fit so your kiddo’s eyes stay chlorine-free!
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  • The Children’s Place Dirty Suit Bag ages 4 and up 7 of 26
    Not only does this zip-close terry catch-all keep your campers miscellany close, it’s lined to be leak-proof — a perfect pack-away for wet suits after swim time!
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  • Julbo Sunglasses Ages 5-9 8 of 26
    Lightweight and flexible, Julbo sunglasses for kids come with NXT® lenses that block out the sun on all sides, and special frames that adjust to the shape of one's head. Your kids will have no problem seeing all the camp action, crystal clear!
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  • The Children’s Place Tie-Dye Towel ages 5 and up 9 of 26
    Even the day campers need an easy way to dry off after a good sprinkler or pool session! Your kid will easily spot their towel in the crowd with this uber-cool print, crafted in super-soft terry cloth.
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  • Goddess Garden Kid’s Natural Sunscreen all ages 10 of 26
    This sunscreen made Babble’s Best Sunscreens for Kids list because its 82% organic formula protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays without harmful chemicals. And our testers said a single application lasts several hours — even during water play!
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  • Columbia Insect Repellant Clothing ages 2 and up 11 of 26
    It’s hard to protect your camper from the bug brigade, but this innovative line of kids’ outdoor clothes from Columbia uses Insect Blocker technology — a synthetic version of a naturally occurring insect repellent found in chrysanthemums — to keep biters at bay.
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  • Camelbak Kids Mini-M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack ages 4 and up 12 of 26
    For kids ready to rough it, this hydration pack will keep their thirst quenched and their belongings organized. Designed to fit smaller torsos (minimum 11 inches), it has a zip-front pocket to stash a snack, sunscreen, and other items at the ready.
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  • The Children’s Place Military Hat ages 4 and up 13 of 26
    These cotton-brimmed hats add an element of style to summer while sparing your kid's scalp from the sun! They’re also great protection from ticks during those nature walks.
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  • Big Agnes Kids’ Little Red 15° Sleeping Bag ages 5 and up 14 of 26
    For those special nights outdoors, this sleeping bag will keep your kid warm, dry, and comfortable. It’s lightweight, roomy, and is specially treated to repel water. It also has a built-in pillow pocket for quick and easy packing. (It’s almost better than a cot!)
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  • Kids’ Collapsible Camping Chair ages 5 and up 15 of 26
    This lightweight, portable camping chair is sure to be your kid’s favorite seat out in the woods, poolside, or even by the beach. Best of all, you just need a damp cloth to easily wipes remnants of S’mores or other tasty campfire treats, so (hopefully) it’ll come home clean.
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  • Black Diamond Wiz Head Lamp for Kids ages 5 and up 16 of 26
    This handy headlamp will help your nocturnal explorer find his or her way back to camp. Crafted with kids in mind, the lamp is adjustable and the elastic band has pull-away fittings, so if your kid gets caught on something, it’ll simply come apart rather than leaving your kid stuck.
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  • Kid’s After Bite Itch Eraser all ages 17 of 26
    It’s hard to keep a kid from scratching his or her bug bite, but send them off with After Bite Itch Eraser, and it may just get easier — it’s a sting-free way to stop the itch (and it sure beats a pair of gloves).
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  • WaterGeeks Filtered Water Bottles all ages 18 of 26
    These portable, stainless steel bottles come in a variety of fun colors. Best of all, they're equipped with a handy water filter to keep contaminants at bay (who knows what’s hiding in
    those woods!)
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  • Natrapel 8-hour deet-free insect repellent wipes ages 10 and up 19 of 26
    Help your kids keep biting bugs away by stashing these handy wipes in their backpacks. All they need is one application to stay bug-free all day! And what’s more, these wipes are DEET-free.
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  • Name Bubbles all ages 20 of 26
    These cute, durable vinyl labels are a great way to help your kid keep track of their stuff. Your kid can choose from a variety of colors and patterns to give their goods an extra personal feel. What’s more, these labels will survive the hottest dryer or dishwasher — and they’re made of non-toxic, eco-solvent ink!
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  • LunchSkins all ages 21 of 26
    Feel bad about stuffing sandwiches into those plastic disposable lunch baggies? Try these eco-friendly LunchSkins. These reusable lunch and snack bags come in a bunch of patterns and colors and have Velcro closures that make it easy for young campers to use. Our favorite feature? They’re dishwasher-safe.
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  • Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies ages 3 and up 22 of 26
    These adorable, kid-friendly lunch boxes are roomy enough for hearty grub and are insulated to keep contents cool. An inside mesh pocket serves as a protector for money, an ice pack, or even utensils.
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  • Carter’s Nap Mats ages 3 and up 23 of 26
    With so much action, your littlest camper might need some downtime. These comfy nap mats have removable pillows, are conveniently portable, and can easily be thrown in the washing machine when they get a little dirty.
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  • Tender’s After Burn Aloe Gel ages 3 and up 24 of 26
    Unfortunately, sunburns happen. It’s easy to get carried away with all the outdoor activities and forget to reapply sunscreen. This aloe gel will soothe your kid’s tender, over-sunned skin. Its aloe formula is infused with lidocaine to provide instant pain relief, and it's devoid of skin-drying agents, like alcohol.
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  • GAP Kids Sports Watch ages 5 and up 25 of 26
    Time flies when you’re having fun! The easy-to-read face on this graphic sports watch will help your camper stay on schedule.
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  • Children’s Place Flying Disc all ages 26 of 26
    What’s summer without a good marathon Frisbee toss? We wouldn’t say it’s an essential, but this camouflage Frisbee will certainly make free time more fun.
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