Birthday Party Ideas

  • Dora the Explorer Fiesta Theme 1 of 10
    Dora the Explorer Fiesta Theme
    Come on, vamanos! No one can resist 1) Dora, and 2) a bright and funky fiesta — especially if there’s a piñata involved.
    Throw a Dora the Explorer fiesta

  • Dr. Seuss Theme 2 of 10
    Dr. Seuss Theme
    Go wacky and whimsical by transforming your home into Seussville for the day. And if you have twins, you could always dress ‘em up as Thing 1 and Thing 2...
    Throw a Seussville party
  • Paris Theme 3 of 10
    Paris Theme
    Save on airfare and transport your young guests to Europe with a chic French soiree — no passports required.
    Throw a Paris-themed party
  • French Caf 4 of 10
    French Caf
    … Or you can opt to bring the great French outdoors indoors with a café-themed party, complete with a yellow-striped awning and a mime that’s not super creepy (aka your husband).
    Throw a French Café-themed party
  • Outer Space Theme 5 of 10
    Outer Space Theme
    Showing off your retro moonwalking skills just might make a space-themed bash truly
    out of this world.
    Throw an outer space-themed party
  • Sock Monkey Theme 6 of 10
    Sock Monkey Theme
    Celebrate how cute your kid is with equally adorable sock monkey décor. The best part? It’ll cost you less than $100!
    Throw a sock monkey-themed party
  • Matryoshka Doll Theme 7 of 10
    Matryoshka Doll Theme
    Russian nesting dolls are a pretty hot trend right now, so a party like this puts you “in the know.” Plus, it’s just cute.
    Throw a matryoshka-themed party
  • Photo Booth Theme 8 of 10
    Photo Booth Theme
    Are your guests ready for a close-up? They will be once they see the coolest photo booth ever at your party!
    Throw a photo booth-themed party
  • Olivia Theme 9 of 10
    Olivia Theme
    The popular piglet takes center stage in this party idea (along with the birthday girl, of course).
    Throw an Olivia-themed party
  • Camping Theme 10 of 10
    Camping Theme
    Much like real camp, a camping-themed party can be packed with all sorts of outdoor games and activities for the attendees. And, also like real camp, you’re guaranteed a bunch of tired tots by the end of the day.
    Throw a camping-themed party
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