The Parent’s Survival Kit

  • Backpack/Messenger Bag 1 of 11
    Backpack/Messenger Bag
    If your kids are young, hands-free is definitely the way to go. We like the Earth Series bags from Ecogear. The backpack (Ocean) or messenger bag (Fjord) styles have the perfect number of pockets — and they’re affordable.
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  • Leak-Free Beverage Bottle 2 of 11
    Leak-Free Beverage Bottle
    We’ve tested a lot of travel bottles, and one of our all-time favorites is the Contigo Kid’s Scout Mug. It’s insulated to keep beverages cool for hours, and thanks to its Autoseal technology, it does not leak … ever.
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  • Snacks 3 of 11
    Be sure to include a couple of snacks in case you’re away from home longer than expected. Some ideas: cheese crackers (in a small Tupperware container so they don’t get crushed), granola bars, or fruit leather. For lengthier adventures, GoPicnic makes an Energy Boost Food Care Package, ideal for a long road trip or plane ride.
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  • Bug Repellant 4 of 11
    Bug Repellant
    This is a must in warmer months. The All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor Spray is DEET-free yet effective, and the 4-ounce size makes it easy to carry along.
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  • Sunscreen 5 of 11
    You never know when you’re going to be outside for an extended period, so SPF for the kids should always be in your bag. Unlike many sunscreens for kids, the Nature’s Gate Kid’s Block SPF 30 rubs in quickly, so your wee ones won’t look like ghosts running in the sun.
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  • Quality Sunglasses 6 of 11
    Quality Sunglasses
    Nick Yardley, the CEO of sunglasses manufacturer Julbo USA, says, “It can take close to 25 years to develop mature capacity for ocular protection, so adventure-seeking kids need just as much, if not more, protection than adults.” For babies and kids, Julbo makes shock-resistant eyewear that protects against UVA, -B, and -C rays.
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  • First-Aid-Kit 7 of 11
    Be prepared for the inevitable tumble with a mini first-aid kit. Johnson & Johnson makes one that contains antiseptic wipes, Band-Aids of various sizes, and gauze pads, all packaged in a compact, refillable plastic box.
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  • Activities 8 of 11
    With markers, crayons, coloring books, building toys, and lots of other activities, the My Busy Kit keeps little ones occupied and content. Since it’s so small, it’s easy to take with you anywhere!
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  • Hand Sanitizer 9 of 11
    Hand Sanitizer
    Germs are everywhere. To keep your kids healthy, use hand sanitizer after grocery shopping, playing on the playground, riding the bus, etc. We like Burt’s Bees Aloe and Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer. It’s 100% natural and comes in a handy 2-ounce spray bottle — perfect for sanitizing on the go.
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  • Wipes 10 of 11
    For runny noses, dirty hands, bathroom trips, and other messes kids are magnets for, include a small packet of all-purpose wipes, like the MD Moms Gentle Clean All-Over Wipes, in your survival kit.
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  • Diaper Disposal Bags 11 of 11
    Diaper Disposal Bags
    Accidents happen, so make sure you have a spare pair of underwear and socks, and plastic bags for messy or wet clothing. The Munchkin Arm & Hammer Travel Diaper Disposal Bags are ideal for storing wet or dirty clothes until you get home. They come rolled up in a tiny canister, so they’ll take up very little space.
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