10 Annoying Things You Don’t Want To Do While You’re on a Date

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a date — like in the traditional sense. Sure, I once in a while get out with my husband, but that’s not the same thing. The dating “rules” don’t apply to us because we’re using dating to get out of the house — time away from the kids, and not just to get to know each other and see if we “click” — we know we do.

That’s not the case for people who are in the earlier stages of dating people. That’s when you’re using the time to see if you connect with a person and it’s usually when the bad habits are kept in the dark for a while. If you want to make the best impression possible and really see if it’s going to go somewhere without bad habits getting in the way, you may want to avoid some of the common annoying things people can do on a date. I know that, for me, while they may not be flat out “deal breakers”, they certainly wouldn’t look good in your favor.

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    If you're looking to leave a good impression, avoid doing any of these:

  • Get a Phone Call in the Middle of the Date 2 of 11

    We all know what that phone call is -- the check in from a friend to see if they need a save from a bad date going wrong. It's just annoying and we've all figured it out.

  • Chew With Their Mouths Open 3 of 11

    Manners are important and this one is particularly so for me. If they're sloppy eating when you're just getting to know them -- nope!

  • Not Leaving a Tip 4 of 11

    If you're on a date and s/he is not being kind to the waiter or they don't leave a {deserved} tip, that's a sign and it's annoying.

  • Only Ordering a Salad 5 of 11

    I mean, it's hard to tell really, but the idea that a person can't really eat or have no appetite when on one of those first few dates is just not great. Order that steak you really want.

  • Texting While In Conversation 6 of 11

    We all have our phones with us now and sure, you're a popular and busy person, but you can't get to know someone while your nose is in the phone.

  • Getting Drunk 7 of 11

    A cocktail or maybe two is an OK thing, but getting so wasted your date has to figure out what you're trying to say or take care of you, that's not okay.

  • Go On and On About Their Ex 8 of 11

    We really don't want to hear the baggage left over from someone else. If that's your conversation -- you're not over them yet.

  • Ordering For Your Date 9 of 11

    It's SO old-school and if they like to control that on their own, that's annoying!

  • Insisting On Going to a Noisy Place 10 of 11

    If you're wanting to get to know someone and your date insists on going to a noisy club instead of somewhere you can actually talk -- not cool.

  • Friend Request On Facebook 11 of 11

    If you're sitting with your date and your phone blings with a Facebook friend request and it's them -- kinda a little annoying.

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