10 Awesome Places to Spend an Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day

Today I shared my story about How an Un-Romantic Valentine’s Day Saves My Marriage Every Year. This is a tradition my husband and I came up with many years ago and have never looked back. An un-romantic Valentine’s Day ditches the flowers and frills for something a little more … rugged? It’s our day where I plan something extra special I know my husband will love. Sound crazy? I highly suggest you try it. Just check out these ideas for fun things we have done together, and new things I might just plan for the years to come.

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  • A Non-Fancy Restaurant 2 of 11

    One of the most memorable Un-Romantic Valentine's Day meals we had was at the delicious Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Pick out a restaurant you know your sweetheart will love and surprise him by taking him there to eat. Not quite as romantic as the traditional fancy restaurant, but definitely just as memorable. 
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  • At a Shooting Range 3 of 11

    When you wake up on Valentine's Day, consider moving over the romantic breakfast in bed, for visiting a local shooting range for a day. If you haven't ever shot a gun before this is definitely your chance to try.  I thought I'd be more freaked out than I was. I loved it!  Click here to find a shooting range near you.
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  • Playing Poker 4 of 11

    Poker isn't exactly the same as chocolate and snuggles, but can still be so much fun! Set up a poker night at the house or rent out a space to bring all of his friends. Order in a favorite meal and let the games begin. 
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  • At a Brewery or Whiskey Tasting 5 of 11

    Trade out romantic wine tasting and watching the sunset at a vineyard, for visiting a local brewery or taking a whiskey (or whatever his favorite alcohol might be) tasting tour.  Check out a list of breweries around the United States here.
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  • Racing Go-Karts 6 of 11

    Make your heart race, not with the sound of sweet nothings, but by spending the day on the go-kart race track. The other thing you can look into is exotic car racing, where he can drive expensive cars around a race track.
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  • At Flying Lessons 7 of 11

    Fear is romantic, right? Go on a helicopter tour or surprise him with a day of flying lessons. Check out a list of flight schools around the United States here.
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  • In a Sensory Deprivation Tank 8 of 11

    Remember how I mentioned that I have a gift certificate to a sensory deprivation tank? I have yet to try it, but this is definitely something that is perfect for an Un-Romantic Valentine's Day. You spend about two hours completely separated in deep meditation. Check to see if there is a facility nearby where you can go have an hour or two of total relaxation. 

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  • At a Comedy Show 9 of 11

    Through all the laughter you might not have all the time to look into each other's eyes adoringly, but you can definitely be having a good time at a comedy. If you're in LA you might want to head out to The Comedy Store. I was there once and Louis C.K. did a surprise bit! You can see a list of comedy shows currently on tour on Ticketmaster.
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  • Watching Predator 10 of 11

    One of our best Un-Romantic Valentine's Day was when we had a Predator night at home. Not always the movie that sums up romance, but hey, I love the guy enough to sit down and watch it. We cooked up some steaks, kicked back, and just relaxed.
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  • Flying a Jet Pack 11 of 11

    Recently I've heard more and more about how you can go on a jet pack in the water. This seems like such a fun idea that is surely unlike any other. Ditch the favorite dress and styled hair for a wet suit and some real fun. 
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