10 Cliche Proposal Spots That Aren’t Really Romantic

It’s the romantic ending to any movie that leaves up swept off our feet in the grand gesture of the perfect proposal.

But when it comes to popping the question, these cliche proposal spots might actually not be such a great idea after all…

  • The Eiffel Tower 1 of 11

    Have you ever wondered were exactly Tom popped the question to Katie? Because the Eiffel Tower is not actually a private locale. And having actually been there, I can definitely say it's not romantic to wait in a line for an hour, ride a sweaty elevator packed with 50 other people, and then try to fight off tourists just to get a good look around. 

    Image via Terrazzo/Flickr

  • The Empire State Building 2 of 11

    Meg Ryan made this one pretty classic, right? But in reality, the Empire State Building is a lot like the Eiffel Tower and will present a tourist-filled challenge to actually find an intimate place for a proposal. Although, on the plus side, there should be plenty of people around to take your picture.

    Image via vagueonthehow/Flickr

  • On a Gondola Ride. 3 of 11

    What girl hasn't dreamed about a romantic gondola ride through Venice? In reality though, the aroma may be a little less than pleasant, the gondola driver may roll his eyes at yet another proposal, and there's always the risk of (gasp) dropping that little beauty in the water.

    Image via Martijn Nijenhuis/Flickr

  • Times Square. 4 of 11

    There's nothing like trying to recreate that famous kissing poster (really, the leg?), but a proposal on Times Square might not be the picture-perfect scene you were looking for. There are tourists galore, gawkers, and maybe even that naked cowboy guy...

    Image via  Charles16e/Flickr

  • The Brooklyn Bridge. 5 of 11

    This guy planned a romantic proposal for his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge while his family looked on. Unfortunately for both of them, when he dropped to one knee, he also dropped the ring off the bridge. Whoops. 

    Image via rãvi/Flickr

  • Mt. Everest 6 of 11

    Granted, I can only imagine the exhilaration that a climb up Mt. Everest can provide. But from what I hear, the exhilaration is short-lived, as the oxygen supply is quite limited up top, making a romantic proposal somewhat tricky. Also to take in consideration? All that gear = not a good hiding spot for the ring. 

    Image via  Sistak/Flickr

  • Hot Air Balloon. 7 of 11

    I had a hot air balloon ride for my boyfriend in the works before he found out and put a swift kabosh on the whole idea. Apparently, he's a tad afraid of heights. Who knew? But just in case you are swooning over a hot air balloon ride proposal, keep in mind that it might not be so romantic to run into power lines. Or catch on fire. 

    Image via Moyan_Brenn_BE_BACK_IN_SEPTEMBER/Flickr

  • In a Stadium 8 of 11

    Surely, you've seen this video of the stadium proposal gone wrong, right? Poor guy. 

    Image via The National Guard/Flickr

  • On An Airplane. 9 of 11

    Reason #1 this is a bad idea: they have barf bags for a reason. Reason #2: if the answer is no, there's not actually a good option to run away...

    Image via  Kuster & Wildhaber Photography/Flickr

  • On a Bicycle Built For Two. 10 of 11

    My boyfriend proposed to me, in a totally not subtle way, by asking me to join him on a romantic bike ride around a small local island. Except that it rained the entire way. And he performed panicked pocket checks every 5 seconds because all the vigorous pedaling prompted him to think he was losing the ring, hidden away carefully in his pants. 


    When we stopped at last, he tore through some foliage to cut a path to the beach and I carefully wiped my glasses, which were full of rain water, fully anticipating what was to come next. We were both sweaty and tired, but when he dropped down to one knee on the rocks near the waves, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun burst around us. And even though I had been expecting it, it was a picture perfect moment. 

    So, I take it all back. For the one you love, there is no such thing as a bad proposal spot. 

    Image via  John Gilchrist/Flickr

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