10 Habits I’ll Never Quit — Even Though They Annoy My Husband

Annoying an·noy·ing
adjective: annoying
1. causing irritation or annoyance.

Yup, that sounds about right. It’s a word that is probably overused around these parts and by “parts” I mean my home. If my husband does something I don’t like, I am quick to point out that it’s kind of annoying. But not long ago I realized that I’m sort of a hypocrite. Some of the very things he does that I found annoying are actually things that I do too. #notcool. But lately I’ve come to see that it goes even deeper than that. There are some things that I do knowing that it drives him crazy. My reason for doing them isn’t to do that of course; yes I may be somewhat of a hypocrite, but I’m not mean. Perhaps it is just that I am sometimes (selfishly) thinking that my comforts and wants trump his. Thankfully, he knows my heart and loves me in spite of my imperfections and annoying ways. Because as annoying as I can probably be, it (my heart) only beats for him (and our littles of course). Take a look at 10 habits I’ll never quit (at least not anytime soon) — even though they annoy my husband:

  • 10 Habits I’ll Never Quit, Even Though They Annoy My Husband 1 of 11
    10 Habits I'll Never Quit — Even Though They Annoy My Husband

    Take a look at 10 things I do despite knowing they annoy my husband.

  • Leave lights on 2 of 11

    My husband is the light police. He is the one that goes around turning off all of the lights despite my preference to leave them on.

  • Wear his clothes 3 of 11
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    I can't tell you how many times I have snuck a pair of boxers out of my husband's drawer. Sometimes it's because I haven't done laundry yet and other times it is because his clothes seem so much cozier than mine. Tank tops, too — and not the old worn out ones — the "good" ones.

  • Tell him to choose dinner then complain about his choice 4 of 11
    Menu & Cutlery on A Restaurant Table

    Him: What do you want for dinner?

    Me: I don't know what do you want?

    Him: Pick something.

    Me: I can't decide you pick.

    Him: Okay ____.

    Me: (scrunches nose) Anything but____ . (proceed to pick what we're having for dinner)

    We've had this conversation countless times. I can't decide what I want to eat but what I can decide is that I don't want what my husband suggests even if I asked him to pick.

  • Repeatedly ask him what’s wrong 5 of 11
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    I will ask my husband what's wrong and when he answers me with "nothing," I respond, "Are you sure?" He can tell me everything is fine, and I won't accept that. Something must be wrong.

  • Asking questions I already know the answer to 6 of 11
    undecided voter concept

    As if repeatedly asking him what's wrong wasn't annoying enough, sometimes I will ask him questions like:

    "Why are you mad?"

    Typically when I ask this question, I already know why he's mad. 

  • Leave trash in his car 7 of 11

    I have a bad habit of leaving trash in the car. Between carrying the baby, diaper bag, my Starbucks drink, and a bag of Target dollar spot finds that I didn't need, there's no room to carry the trash inside too. And if it's in my husband's car, I know for sure he will toss it when he gets to the car. I'm not trying to be inconsiderate, I just hate making multiple trips to the garage. But he hates finding a Starbucks pastry bag or a pile of papers sitting on the seat when he is on his way out.

  • Complain I have nothing to wear while I buy clothes for the kids 8 of 11

    I am always complaining to my husband that I have nothing to wear. But the other thing I am always doing is buying clothes for the girls. My husband has no problem with me buying them things. He knows that some of my purchases for them are necessities, but more often they are just wants because I love clothes for the 10 and under crowd. But, if I spend all of my extra money buying bloomers with ruffles (they were on sale!) and jumpers from Zara Kids (have you seen their kids clothes?!), then naturally I won't have much money left to splurge to get myself some clothes.

  • Wake him up to kill bugs 9 of 11
    black scary hairy toy spider over white background

    There are spiders and then there are SPIDERS. If it's the latter, I'm waking him up.

  • Ask for his advice but don’t listen 10 of 11
    Help and support signpost

    By "don't listen," I don't mean not do what he suggests I do or not even give thought to it. "In one ear and out the other" is not a saying that should be associated with the advice my husband gives me. And, honestly speaking, he is usually right. The guy knows his stuff. But sometimes I have my mind made up long before I ask him what he thinks I should do. Asking for advice that deep down inside I don't really want probably ranks high on the annoying list.

  • Making too many special requests 11 of 11
    shopping list isolated on pure white background

    I will sometimes call him at work and ask him to pick up just one thing from the store. Minutes after we hang up I am texting him a list of things. I mean, if he's stopping to buy milk he may as well get cookies to go with it, right?



I’m already bracing myself for the wave of people who will “feel sorry” for my guy, but he’s exactly where he wants to be. At any rate, these are just a few things I do that find me catching my husband shaking his head at me. What are some habits you have that you know annoy your spouse but can’t seem to quit?

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