10 Insider Tips for Pregnant Bridesmaids

As many of you well know, I was pregnant on my wedding day and I’ve kind of made it my mission to help other preggo brides realize that they can still be beautiful on their big day too.

And while not all brides will be sporting a baby bump on their wedding gowns like we did, there are still a few other ladies who may have to deal with the challenges of being pregnant at a wedding.

Enter the pregnant bridesmaid. 

When being part of the wedding party usually means drinking copious amounts of whatever alcohol the groomsmen stocked up on during the liquor store run and performing an embarrassing dance on the party bus that you could have swore was sexy until your friend posted it to her Instagram (awkward), being pregnant or even potentially pregnant can put a damper on the festivities.

But it doesn’t always have to. 

Try a few of these tips from seasoned pregnant bridesmaid Heather Weyer (she’s been a pregnant bridesmaid three times!) if you will be expecting on your bride’s big day.

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  • Be honest with the bride. 2 of 11
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    "When a bride asks you to be in her wedding and you know you are trying to get pregnant or you know you will be pregnant make sure to tell the bride," Heather advises. "That way when she is looking at dresses, the bride can hopefully pick something that will work with your belly." And that being said...

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  • Be honest if you’re not comfortable saying "yes." 3 of 11

    I attended a wedding just a few weeks ago where the bride's own sister was not part of the wedding party. And no, it wasn't a long-standing family feud, but the simple matter of the sister being a few days away from her due date. She was completely honest about the fact that standing up all day in an uncomfortable dress and trying to be fun and  pretend she wasn't totally miserable would be absolute torture. There were no hard feelings either way, so if the wedding day is just too close to your due date, don't feel like you have to say yes, just because you were asked. 

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  • When in doubt, order a bigger dress. 4 of 11

    "You never know how big you are going to get," says Heather. And although no one really wants to hear that, Heather is totally right. And she knows from experience as well, when she showed a lot earlier with her second pregnancy and ended up having issues with her bridesmaid dress. Just remember--you can always have a dress taken in, but it's a lot harder to get it taken out

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  • Make it fun for you too. 5 of 11

    Don't let the fact that you're pregnant stop you from having fun at the wedding! Especially if you are the matron or maid of honor, speak up about some preggo-friendly activities the whole group can enjoy. "When you're all planning the bachlorette party make sure you can also have fun!" says Heather. She suggests a day spa or a pool party for everyone. (I'm thinking Heather looks better in a swimsuit than I did while pregnant if she's suggesting that one...)

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  • If your pregnancy is a secret… 6 of 11

    If you aren't spilling the beans about baby yet, Heather has some tricks of the trade for keeping your pregnancy a secret as a bridesmaid. "Bring a flask with stuff in it, but when making drinks walk away and say you were sick or you have something big the next day so you can't feel bad the next day," Heather suggests conspiratorially. "Everyone else will be drunk, so they will never catch on!"

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  • Get your hair done last. 7 of 11
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    "The day of the wedding is craaazy!!" explains Heather. "So try to get all the sleep you can the night before. And if you can--ask to have the latest hair and make up appointments so you can sleep in a little longer. "

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  • BYOB 8 of 11

    That would be "Bring Your Own Baby," of course! Ok, sorry, couldn't resist. But in all seriousness, Heather recommends bringing your own food and plenty of drinks so you don't get lightheaded or dizzy during the festivities and all that standing. "Make sure during the day you have enough drinks with you along with food," she says.   "Sandwiches can always be put in a cooler and chips are easy to bring along. And you can always fit chocolate candy bars in your purse!"

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  • Pack carefully. 9 of 11

    Along with the really important essentials for every pregnant woman (food), Heather reminds her fellow pregnant bridesmaids to pack a spare pair of comfy shoes, just in case. Oh--and don't forget the prenatal vitamins! 

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  • Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. 10 of 11
    laugh at yourself

    Wedding emotions + pregnancy hormones = one teary bridesmaid. "I was an emotional wreck the day of the wedding and just as nervous for the bride as the bride was," laughs Heather. "Thank goodness the bride understood and we just laughed about it. I didn't even make it down the aisle without crying!" Hear that, preggos? Add tissues to your packing list.

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  • Enjoy the reception. 11 of 11
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    Although you may be flashing your dummy flask (see #6) at the reception, Heather advises pregnant bridesmaids to just enjoy the night as much as they can. Make yourself the designated photographer. "Take pictures of everyone and everything," she suggests. "You might be the only bridesmaid to remember the night!!"

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