10 Inspiring Quotes on New Love

There’s something comforting about the change from December 31st to January 1st. For many of us it’s the fresh start we’ve been waiting for. A chance to start anew, an opportunity to do better and to be better.

For some of us a new love presents the same feelings. There is anxiousness about the possibility of what lies ahead coupled with the excitement for it. There is a hope present, an inkling that perhaps this is it.

In celebration of New Year’s I rounded up a few quotes on new love. 2014 might be the year when you finally meet the one. Or perhaps you’ve already met the one. Then maybe this will be the year that you get really good at loving them. Learning new things about one another, embarking on new adventures and breathing new life into your relationship.

Whatever your current relationship status may be the year ahead is one filled with love. Self-love, romantic love or whatever love you so desire to have in your life.

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    10 Inspiring Quotes on New Love

    In celebration of New Year's here are 10 quotes on new love.

  • Temporary 2 of 11

    Eventually reality sets in. (Quote Source)

  • A new voice 3 of 11

    A chance to do things differently. (Quote Source)

  • Healing 4 of 11

    Your heart will heal but it may not ever forget. (Quote Source)

  • Another chance 5 of 11

    A chance to get it right. (Quote Source)

  • Someone new 6 of 11

    A chance to love again. (Quote Source)

  • A chance to explore 7 of 11

    New love presents an opportunity to explore. (Quote Source)

  • In season 8 of 11

    Always in season. Even a new season. (Quote Source)

  • One day it will make sense 9 of 11

    The time will come when everything makes perfect sense. (Quote Source)

  • Hope 10 of 11

    Love brings hope.  (11 more quotes from Romantic Holiday movies)

  • Dream 11 of 11

    Don't be afraid to dream. (Quote Source)


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