10 Lies Romantic Movies Have Told Us About Love

I am a sucker for romantic movies. From How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to The Notebook, I just can’t help but sit in a movie theater and sob, laugh, and become filled with hope. I come face to face with a screen where characters love, lose that same love, only to reunite and love again, and I think: That can be me! I can be the exception to the rule. I can wait for a man to love me because he will come back to me because it is destiny.

Then I look at my romantic life, filled with bad dates, hurt feelings, and online dating, and realize it’s all caca. This is real life, Sujeiry. A man will not stand by my window and carry a boombox over his head and play “In Your Eyes!”

The falsity hurts, romantic comedies. And there are so many! Here are ten lies romantic movies have told us about love:

  • 10 Movies That Lie About Love 1 of 11
    10 Lies Romantic Movies Have Told Us About Love

    For shame, Hollywood! Check out the list of movies and the lies they have told us about love.

  • Serendipity | LIE: If It’s Meant to Be, It Will Be 2 of 11
    Serendipity Movie

    If it's meant to be, it will be — so much so that you don't have to give a guy your number. Just jot it down in a random book and one day he will find it (if it's meant to be) and find you (again, ONLY if it's meant to be). You will click and it will be your happily ever after, even if you only knew him for a minute. But it's okay ... he isn't a killer ...  'cause it's meant to be!

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  • Sex and the City | LIE: Men CAN Change 3 of 11

    A tiger will actually change his stripes. No, really. He will erase those stripes just for you and carry polka dots on his fur instead. Because you are that special. So that man who's been treating you like garbage for years, the one you are in an off/on-again relationship with, is going to become a docile, loyal puppy dog. Just wait!

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  • The Notebook | LIE: A Real Man Will Wait YEARS for You 4 of 11
    The Notebook

    A man that loves you will wait for you for years and build you a house from scratch with his bare, manly hands. If he doesn't, it isn't enough! It's not true love until doves appear while you're riding on a rowboat down a river.

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  • Pretty Woman | LIE: Men Save Women 5 of 11
    Pretty Woman

    It doesn't matter what you do for a living, like, let's say, sell your body for money. You have such a great energy and personality that the hottest man who has paid you for sex will take you into his penthouse, give you a makeover, and make you his woman. Darn, I missed my professional calling.

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  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days | LIE: Love Games Work 6 of 11
    How to Lose a Man in 10 Days

    Playing games is the way to go! He will think it's adorable if you pretend to be crazy or disinterested. He'll think it's endearing when you decorate his entire home with photos of you and make a photo album of your future babies. He will even introduce you to his parents.

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  • The Wedding Planner | LIE: He’ll Leave Her for You 7 of 11
    The Wedding Planner

    You can be a lonely (though, beautiful) woman who is a workaholic with no friends and still get the guy. It doesn't matter if he's about to marry another woman. He will drop anything for you. And he won't cheat on you even though he cheated on his ex-fiance to be with you.

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  • The Wedding Date | LIE: Money Can Buy Love 8 of 11
    The Wedding Date

    Pay a prostitute to be your date at a wedding and he will fall in love with you. Apparently, money can buy you love!

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  • While You Were Sleeping | LIE: Stalking a Guy Works 9 of 11
    While You Were Sleeping

    Pretending to be with someone, whether he's conscious or not, isn't stalking. It's love! He will love you for it and not call the cops. Promise.

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  • My Best Friend’s Wedding | LIE: Ditzy Girls Get the Guy 10 of 11
    My Best Friends Wedding

    Mean girls don't always get the guy but ditzy girls do! Forgot all that you learned in college and master the art of singing really bad karaoke.

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  • Sabrina | LIE: Be Pretty and He’ll Want You 11 of 11

    If you were once an ugly duckling, you can find your high school crush and he will fall in love with the new you and your new face. It's like an episode of The Swan.

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