10 Marriage Metaphors That Will Make You Swoon

Ask one hundred people “What is marriage like?” and you’ll get one hundred different answers. That’s because everyone experiences marriage differently. For some people, it’s a prison. For others, it’s like watching the same beautiful sunset over and over again, for the rest of your life. For still others, it’s like wine. Enjoy it in moderation and everything is great. Overdo it and you wake with a dry mouth and a lot of regret.

I love hearing different people’s marriage metaphors, so I asked friends to send me their favorites. What follows is what they told me.

  • 10 Marriage Metaphors That Will Make You Swoon 1 of 11

    What is marriage really like? Let's see what ten different husbands and wives had to say.

  • Marriage Is Like Parenting a Toddler 2 of 11

    Why is it like parenting a toddler? Because marriage "needs a lot of time and attention or it starts having problems," says Lisa.

    Photo credit: Ilya Haykinson, (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons 

  • Marriage Is Like a Run 3 of 11

    Because I've been running regularly ever since I signed up for track in high school, I can tell you with great conviction: This metaphor is spot on. 

  • Marriage Is Like an Old Blanket 4 of 11

    I have a very old quilt that my husband's grandmother made. It's all torn up, but I'll never throw it away. "It might be tattered in places, it might have gotten stuck in the car door, it might be stained from a summer picnic or a little sandy from your last trip to the beach, but it's comfy and cozy and still keeps you warm whenever you are feeling cold," says One Frugal Girl.

    Photo credit: Lance Cpl. Bryan Eberly, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like a Chair 5 of 11

    Fellow writer Denise Schipani is in one of those envious marriages where she and her husband are just hopelessly besotted. "Marriage is sitting down in a chair after you've been standing for a long, uncomfortable time," says Denise, author of Mean Moms Rule.

    Photo credit: Désiré Guilmard (1810 c. 1885), via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like a Best Friend 6 of 11

    "Marriage is having your best friend by your side every day of your life," says Jennifer Margulis, author of The Business of Baby

    Photo credit: Christopher from San Francisco, USA, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like a Car 7 of 11

    "If you don't maintain and take care of it, it will breakdown and eventually die. So maintain it and it will last longer!" says Kanoelani. If you are lucky, after 50 years, your marriage will be as unique as the car in this photo.

    Photo credit: SuperTank17, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like a PET Scan 8 of 11

    Just in case you don't know, a PET scan uses radiation to see inside the human body. It truly knows you inside and out, including those cancer cells that you didn't even know were there. According to my friend Cindy, your spouse can know you just as intimately. 

  • Marriage Is Like the Tango 9 of 11

    "At first you learn each other's steps, it's fun and exciting and a little scary. As time goes on, one or the other of you changes your steps and your partner is forced to change theirs to match. If they don't, you don't have a smooth dance. Sometimes the steps are not touching, sometimes they are being held close. The key is finishing the dance," says Catie.

    Photo credit: Jenny Mealing (Flickr), via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like a Broken Egg + Duct Tape 10 of 11

    "Marriage is like Humpty Dumpty. It is a broken or fractured egg repaired and decorated to become something new and beautiful and stronger along the fractures where glue has been applied," says Rollercoasterrider.

    Photo credit: Denslow's Humpty Dumpty (Theornamentalist), via Wikimedia Commons

  • Marriage Is Like String Theory 11 of 11

    The string theory reference is mine. While I can't say that I've ever known it better than anything else, I can tell you this: There will always be aspects to it that I am still learning about. It's the same with my husband.


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