10 of the Biggest Complaints Married Women Have About Their Husbands

There are times when I struggle at this marriage gig. Having done it before doesn’t make me an expert. It makes me human, perhaps a bit wiser and it allows me to see my marriage for what it really is — a union of two imperfect people who have decided to love each other with everything they’ve got.

My husband and I have our share of “problems” but they aren’t deal breakers. They are often remedied in time, perhaps when one of us decides to engage in the practice of compromise, begrudgingly gives in or takes one for the team. Our problems and efforts to overcome them are reminders that we are two different people who are committed to taking a journey together. As my husband and I grow as individuals we desire to grow closer rather than apart in the process. Life has a way of humbling you. Marriage has a way of humbling you.

Recently I read an article on The Huffington Post about issues women have in their marriages. They were mostly the everyday issues but also some of the bigger issues too. Some of them are perhaps harder to fix than others but nonetheless not necessarily an end all depending on the couple. Take a look at 10 things women reported as being the biggest issues in their relationships:

  • 10 of the Biggest Complaints Married Women Have About Their Husbands 1 of 11
    things married women complain about

    Take a look at 10  relationship complaints made by  married women about their husbands.

  • Money problems 2 of 11
    money problems and marriage

    Everyone tells you to talk about finances before you head down the aisle. But even after, it can still be a touchy subject for couples.

  • He is an uninvolved parent 3 of 11
    father ignoring child

    Some fathers are present in the home but not actively involved. A complaint amongst women was the fact that their spouses didn't attend school events or play with their children.

  • His mother 4 of 11
    mother in law problems

    Some women report feeling like their marriage isn't just between them and their husband but also their mother-in-law.

  • He is done having kids 5 of 11
    husband doesn't want more kids

    He doesn't want more children but you dream of one more. Wanting different things can be a challenge in a marriage.

  • He snores 6 of 11
    Couple in bed with woman trying to sleep with man snoring

    A complaint was the fact that their spouse snored. But, not only did he snore, he didn't make any effort to put a stop to it.

  • His lack of respect 7 of 11
    husband not respecting wife's job

    A lack of respect when it came to career goals was cited as a problem. There are some husbands who respected their own career goals but not their wives career goals.

  • He is more like a roommate 8 of 11
    feeling like married to roommate

    Sex has ceased and the feeling of roommates has set in.

  • He’s Facebook friends with his ex 9 of 11

    Remaining your ex's friend on Facebook is seen as a husband don't.

  • He gives the silent treatment 10 of 11

    A husband who never speaks to let his wife know what he is thinking is bothersome. Wives don't want to feel like they are talking to a "wall."

  • Out of sight but not out of mind 11 of 11
    lonely wife

    A husband who isn't around can leave his wife feeling like a single parent/woman. Believe it or not many wives actually want their husbands around.

The reality is some of these issues are present in my marriage but as I have said before I married someone I want to navigate through the tough (and not so tough) stuff with and we are doing that while at the same time building a life together. A life not necessarily free of issues but a life in which the two of us are free to be who we are and the other person accepts and loves them for that. Every relationship has its challenges but challenges can be overcome. To see 10 more relationship complaints made by married women visit The Huffington Post.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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