10 of the Most Disgusting Things I Do for Love

We’ve talked about it here before, sometimes love makes us do weird things. We step out of our comfort zone and into a life that knows no limits when it comes to the person we love but love also makes us do weird things too, and perhaps even gross things. Not long ago I came across a post via The Stir that identified¬† nasty things people do for love and it got me thinking. I mean, I do some pretty gross things when it comes to the love of my life, and even he will say they’re gross, but I tend to think nothing of it because I love him. Ok I lied. When we were dating I didn’t think anything of it. I was googly. Sometimes I will do something and have my nose wrinkled in the process or moments later think to myself “That was gross. Eww.” But he’s my husband and completely worth doing something that may or may not make me shutter later. Take a look at 10 of the most disgusting things I do for love.

  • 10 of the Most Disgusting Things I Do for Love 1 of 11
    10  of the  Most Disgusting Things I Do  for Love

    I've done and still do some pretty gross stuff when it comes to my guy. Take a look at 10 of the grossest things I do for love.

  • Pick bumps 2 of 11
    Bald head looking up

    Black heads, white heads and bumps. If it is there and isn't supposed to be I'll happily squeeze it.

  • Scratch scabs 3 of 11

    This one totally grosses me out and everyone knows you aren't supposed to pick your scabs but if my husband has a small scab on his back (usually from him scratching too hard) he'll ask me to pick it. Typing this makes me squirm. I won't necessarily pick it but I will rub it and/or apply ointment.

  • Pluck hairs 4 of 11

    Something about hair makes me cringe, especially other people's hair. If my husband shaves and leaves any remains in the sink I get grossed out but I'm always trying to pluck those straggly hairs that occasionally pop up in random places on his face or neck. He hates it and usually won't let me but if he gives the ok (or I can do it fast enough before he can stop me) I'm happy to assist him with removal.

  • Use the bathroom with the door open 5 of 11
    toilet paper roll back

    Some people are totally against using the bathroom with the door open but not me. My husband is; however, if I need to talk to him I'll sometimes pop my head in the bathroom. And if he needs to talk to me while I'm using the bathroom I'm ok with it.

  • Smell breath 6 of 11
    Chewing gum and mint

    My husband says I have a canine nose. I smell everything. It was a gift my oldest daughter gave me during pregnancy that never went away. I am always doing breath checks and am quick to ask him to do the same for me.

  • Smell body parts 7 of 11

    Armpits, I'm looking at you! In addition to breath I will also smell body parts not limited to but including underarms.

  • Cut toenails 8 of 11

    I have been known to cut my guy's toenails. Perhaps it is a way of me showing I care and that I like to play footsies. It isn't something he needs me to do or even asks of me but occasionally I will.

  • Pick his nose 9 of 11

    There are few things worse than walking around with a booger in your nose and nobody told you. I clean my kid's noses all of the time, especially my baby's. They're just baby boogers I say. But I've been known to pick my husband's too.

  • Share personal hygiene products 10 of 11
    Purple bast whisp

    Have you or your spouse ever forgotten your toothbrush, loofah, deodorant or razor and had to use the other person's? Nope? Us either. Totally gross right?

  • Smell laundry 11 of 11

    Evidently I do a lot of smelling around these parts and I have been known to smell random pieces of clothing that I've found draped across furniture. Not because smelling clothes is fun but because I'm trying to clean-up and we all know that one way to cut costs and be more efficient is to wear clothing more than once before washing or dry cleaning them (void of any unappealing odors of course).

It’s important to note that some of these things actually annoy my husband. He’s a “grown man”; therefore, he’s not really in to having his wife clean his nose or pick at him. But he also knows my intentions and it isn’t unusual for me to ask him to do these things for me (Do I smell?!). I’m working on it though asking for permission to pluck or simply offering him a Kleenex. I realize the importance of respecting one’s personal space, even if they are your spouse. For some additional gross things people do for love visit The Stir but before you go please share what is something gross you do (or have done) for love or even something gross your spouse has done for you?


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